Danielle Peazer – Way more than an ex-girlfriend

She´s literally goals and every Directioner knows her although she isn´t a big part of the whole One Direction thing anymore. She started dating One Direction member Liam Payne in 2010 after they met at the X Factor. He performed while she was one of the dancers. Sadly they broke up a few years later but since then, Danielle Peazer became more successful every day and nobody thinks of her as “Liam Payne´s ex-girlfriend” anymore. Here is why!

Danielle Peazer - Way more than an ex-girlfriend 2

The truly talented and also beautiful young Lady isn´t just one of the most popular young dancers in Great Britain, she´s also a successful model and full time blogger.

Her fashion- and beauty-blog (www.idlelane.com) has more than 1,500 subscribers and she is also really popular on YouTube with uploading workout-, fashion-, and lifestyle-videos. And guess what! That´s not all! She has more than 3 million followers on Twitter and worked as a model for many different brands.

But let´s get back to Danielle´s biggest passion: Dancing. As a professional dancer she worked for celebrities like Leona Lewis, Taio Cruz, LMFAO and Olly Murs. You can also see her in Jessie J´s music video to “Do It Like a Dude” and in Katy Perry´s music video to “Unconditionally”. Besides all this she has still got time to make and upload workout videos for all her loyal fans.

All in all I can say that Danielle is way more than just an ex-girlfriend and I´m pretty sure that we can expect more amazing things from this cutie.

Written by CelebMix