Discover: Citizen Queen’s “Evolution of Girl Groups”

Here at CelebMix we are going to share with you a brand new girl group who has been brought into the spotlight recently. Five piece a capella group “Citizen Queen” have released their new medley, the Evolution of Girl Groups, which celebrates the work of some of the most popular female groups over the past six decades.

There is nothing more empowering, inspiring and darn amazing than a good girl group. Girls and grown women from all over the globe have seen incredible girl groups develop over the years including “The Weather Girls”, “Destiny’s Child” and “Little Mix”. These groups have improved and evolved so much over time, growing a wider audience, with most men even admitting to enjoying girl groups!

Citizen Queen is a brand new example of an amazing girl group, They have all the things that an outstanding girl group should have; charm, charisma, flair and style! The thing that makes them so unique from the norm is that they are an a cappella group. They have three main singers, a beatboxer and a bass and together are a powerful quintet that has blown audiences away with their most recent video.

The video starts with the five beautiful ladies at some 50’s style microphones. They begin their medley with “Mr Sandman” by The Chordettes, Before the video continues with some magnificent choreography, showing that these ladies can not only sing, but dance so smoothly.

Each member has a moment to shine in each song: Nina Ann Nelson stuns audience when she sings “It’s Raining Men” by “The Weather Girls” (1983). Her R&B vocals is absolutely perfect for the song and blew us away.

Kaylah Sharve has a memorable moment when she takes on TLC’s “No Scrubs” (1999). She has the right amount of sass and attitude to literally bring the classic video back to life.

Hannah Mrozak takes on the 1965 classic “Stop! In the Name of Love” by Diana Ross and the Supremes, showing off a lot of emotion in her very smooth and silky vocals, making audiences swoon.

Cora Isabel is the beatboxer, giving the audience an amazing beat to jam along to – this gal brought extra liveliness to the video! She shows off her skill particularly well with “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child (2001). 

The final member, definitely not to be forgotten is Kaedi Dalley. She is the bass; adding some perfect tone and mood to the songs being sung. The beatboxer and bass go hard throughout all of the songs during the medley but the part that stuck out to us the most is that Kaedi got herself a solo during the Destiny’s Child hit “Say My Name”. Having the lower textures to the songs just made the whole experience breathtaking.

We love the entirety of the video but a personal favourite was “Alone” by Heart (1987). The song is already stunning but hearing it in a cappella is something extra special.

Watch Citizen Queen’s Evolution of Girl Groups below.


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Written by Kay Simpson

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