Discover: ONUR’s new single “I Don’t Know Why I Fall In Love”

Merry Christmas! Today is the day to spread festive cheers and spend some time with your loved ones. For the music lovers who are looking for some new music, we have got you covered.

On 26th November, ONUR treated melomaniacs with his single “I Don’t Know Why I Fall In Love”. In September, he unveiled his debut single Beamin’, quickly followed by the sensual Stunnah. Both releases have been critically acclaimed by worldwide media outlets such as EARMILK, Konbini, Cosmopolitan, Lost Culture, Fashionably Early or the American radio KCRW, and even his peers with Beamin’ landing a spot in Martin Garrix’ playlist on Spotify.

Drawing on 90’s R&B and Latin music influences, the 22-year-old versatile artist reflects with despair on past embraces with a former partner, lamenting a passion that is now long gone.

“The song started as this Latin style track, because I think that those Argentinian style strings you hear in tango and the likes always have this romance and passion behind it”, describes ONUR who wrote and produced the languid last dance. “Carrying on from the theme of my break-up and me not getting over it, I Don’t Know Why I Fall In Love reflects on my thoughts of her a while after the relationship ended, and how I’m still stuck in heartbreak, yet don’t want to be, therefore blaming myself for being in love, he says of the track ending on a new tempo with an explosive and brassy drop. I wanted this song to be way more intimate so it came across more like an open letter to her. Music, to me, is a visual experience, even if the track doesn’t have visuals. And with this song, I just imagine the idea of her.”

Now, it has become quite difficult for musicians to stand out with authenticity. But ONUR has showcased the wonders experimentation can do to a song. Using his skill as a producer, the singer has created a unique melody which on listening seems to bring back our memories of different instruments. As a listener, you cannot pinpoint exactly where you heard the instruments which in turn accentuates the flavor of the single.

The artist has added a component of “unfamiliarity” to the single and it’s quite interesting that ONUR has left the sound open to interpretation. Every listen will surely guarantee a new experience.

In terms of lyrics, it would have been great if singer would have made lyrics comprehensible to the listener. The words are undecipherable which dissuades the listener and distracts her/him to pay more attention to the “music”. Instead, equal attention should have been given to the “visibility” of the lyrics.

ONUR’s song is intriguing as you progress with an expectation to see something more. For someone who is still introducing the world with his songs, “I Don’t Know Why I Fall In Love” is a really interesting showcase. ONUR definitely has a long way to go.

ONUR’s highly anticipated debut EP is scheduled for early 2019. So, we definitely look forward to exploring more of his works. What do you think about the song? Share your thoughts via tweet @CelebMix.

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