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As a site, we love new musicand we can’t wait for you to listen to our most recent discovery.

Will Robert is based in Cambridge, England.  He has already caught the eye of BBC Radio.

His sound is a distinct mix of indie and folk. Will’s music career began as a busker. He busked in many cities across Europe.

Will released his first album ‘Transitions‘ in October 2014.

The opening track from the album, ‘City Lights’ was selected by BBC Radio 1 to be added to the station’s playlist in January 2015 as part of their “introducing” series. ‘City Lights’ was mixed by Dan Grech, who has previously worked with the likes of Radiohead and The Vaccines.

The love for Will at BBC Radio 1 continued City Lights became a featured song on the station’s playlist and Will played live at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Norwich. You can see him perform his track  ‘Best Laid Planshere.

Will Robert performing at BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend in Norwich 2015.
Photo credit: BBC.

At the end of 2017  Will released his latest single ‘Sidelines‘.

It has slightly rockier sound than his previous releases.

This song was inspired by “a collective awareness that we need to be careful how we consume information in the age of iPhones and social media” and is about Will’s personal journey of breaking out of his own confirmation bias formed by social media and society’s increasing immersion in it. Will says “it’s a reminder for me to question everything I see online and look for different sides of the argument”.

 Sidelines’ hold special significance to Will as he has been moving towards electric guitar, as of late, and has been amping his sound up with a larger band behind him.

He is currently recording his upcoming album, which is due to be unveiled in March 2018.

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