Disney Descendants 3 Drops New Image Of Original Villain Kids Mal, Evie, Carlos, And Jay

We have a brand new video from Disney Descendants 3, prepared to make the fans go wild and tease us to no end. Remember last year, when the sequel film had teaser after teaser after teaser? Well, it looks like the same promoters are behind the third film, as an image of the original villain kids have been revealed and they are looking so on-point for this third instalment.

In the visual, we see Mal (played by Dove Cameron), Carlos (played by Cameron Boyce), Evie (played by Sofia Carson), and Jay (played by Booboo Stewart); they have all upgraded their style, and it’s great to see that they do this film-on-film as we see these four main characters grow.

Check Out The Video Released On The Descendants YouTube Channel Here:

The image was later promoted on the Disney Channel PR official Twitter profile. In the photo, Mal has got rid of her fringe and instead gone with a middle parting and has also returned to her luscious dark purple rather than the lilac we saw in Descendants 2. Then there’s Evie, who has gone even straighter with her hair and now adorning a crown on her head. Carlos’ hair has grown out even more, and Jay hasn’t changed much but he’s no longer wearing a beanie hat.

As for the costumes, they’re much more drawn in making them look like a group. They have a superhero look to them, what with the leather and each character having their individual style. As for the setting, they are definitely on the Isle of the Lost because it’ll be difficult finding an area like that in Auradon.

Check Out The Official Image From Descendants 3 Here:

We’ve already received a few other teasers for this film and we’ve got a whole year of waiting, so far we’ve had the announcement trailer, the announcement of new villain kid Celia, and the cast reveal. The cast are currently on set, filming this highly-anticipated trequel and we cannot wait. We wonder what other teasers will be released.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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