EP Review: Grey – Chameleon Featuring Asia, Skott, Avril Lavigne, Anthony Green, Frances, and Stephen

This DJ duo have seriously been bringing it lately; this week saw them drop their brand new EP titled Chameleon. It contains five awesome songs that are all collaborations. Providing the vocals are Asia, Skott, Avril Lavigne, Anthony Green, Frances, and Stephen.

In an interview with us, they mentioned that they have an EP coming out soon; and here it is. Not only that, but they also mentioned that Skott was a dream collaboration of theirs; talk about making a dream come true.

This is their debut EP and we totally love what we’re hearing. The duo went viral when they teamed up with Hailee Steinfeld and Zedd on the track “Starving”. Since then, they have been gaining momentum by releasing their own songs and officially remixing plenty of popular tracks. Grey is bound to have an amazing career ahead of them.

Chameleon (feat. Asia)

As an opening track, this song slowly leads us into the EP. Asia’s vocals are serene and addicting. She has a little quirk to her voice that really manages to get the words into our hearts. Grey impress with the deep house backing track, giving two fire drops, one straight after the other during the chorus. It’s not a surprise they chose this as the title track.

Crime (feat. Skott)

The opening of this track has a surprising doorbell noise hidden in the background, suggesting we’re in for one heck of an EDM track. It certainly is a subtle track with minimal verses that really show off Skott’s vocal. The guitar really comes in and truly shows that Grey are not your average DJ duo. This track is unexpected yet so brilliantly pulled off. Skott impresses to no end with that beautiful voice.

Wings Clipped (feat. Avril Lavigne & Anthony Green)

Now for our favourite track on the album, and that’s because it features Avril Lavigne. She’s planning on releasing new music at the end of this year, and we really cannot wait. We love having a new track with her incredible vocals on, so thank you, Grey, for releasing this EP. It also features Anthony Green, who is best known for being the lead singer in Circa Survive and Saosin.

It has a sweet melody which compliments both Avril Lavigne’s and Anthony Green’s vocals. We can see this song totally going viral. It’s rhythmic from start to finish with a “Starving” feel to it, for sure. We’re dying for this song to get a music video as well as a remix EP as it is one unforgettable track.

Room 101 (feat. Frances)

How did we get to this track from “Chameleon”? If anything, Grey have seriously shown that they’re a diverse DJ duo. This is a slow ballad-like track that really shows off Frances vocals in every way. The piano in the backing track is really emphasised as her voice gives us chills.

Just when we think we’ve heard all we need as Frances impresses us with her emotional lyrics; Grey throws in quite the surprise at the end that crescendoes brilliantly. On paper, it sounds like it wouldn’t work; but, Grey really proves how technical they are because it didn’t just work, it makes the track sound epic.

These Roots (feat. Stephen)

The final track on this EP; “These Roots” originated from Joshua Tree where Grey and Stephen worked together and had a collaborative breakthrough. They have really put the desert into the track, so much so that we feel we are there watching them create this song. Stephen’s vocal range is off the chart, as Grey brings it with the backing track. This is another brilliant track.

If anything, this EP really shows how great and versatile Grey are. They are definitely growing their fan base and will be a DJ duo we’ll all be talking about in no time. They’ve gone viral once with “Starving” in collaboration with Hailee Steinfeld and Zedd; they can definitely do it again. This EP proves that they are on form, ready to conquer music as a whole.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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