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EP Review: Laura Muccini’s “Inside Me”

We previously introduced you to international singer and songwriter Laura Muccini earlier in the year when we exclusively premiered her single, “A Prayer Of Love,” right here. It took us no time at all to fall in love with her effortless talent, her stunning voice, and the stories she has to tell so naturally we were thrilled to hear that she had released her debut EP, “Inside Me,” last month. It’s a real treat for the ears and although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is definitely ours and we love it.

We were honoured to have been given the opportunity to review, “Inside Me,” so without further ado, here’s what we thought of the musical masterpiece.

Out Of Destiny
Out Of Destiny is one of the first tracks that Laura put together for her debut EP. Usually, musicians have so many songs that they find it difficult to choose the ones that actually make it on to their final album but Laura knew that this song had to make it on to, “Inside Me,” because it is the song which best explains what she has been through.

As a mother of three beautiful children, Laura should be enjoying life to the fullest and making long-lasting memories which will stay with her family forever… She is definitely doing that to the best of her ability right now but behind the dazzling live shows and the days in the recording studio, Laura has a rather devastating story to tell. Her husband is suffering from a brain tumour which Laura has said in the past is her motivation to keep writing the music that she loves so much. Her songs are a reflection of her thoughts and feelings throughout this trying time, and Out Of Destiny is certainly a very telling song.

The initial sound of clicking fingers sets you up for a feeling of happiness. As soon as Laura’s vocals come to light on the track, you know that it is going to leave you feeling happy and incredibly empowered. Luckily, this is the aim of the song anyway so we are pleased to report that it meets its goal completely. Even though you can’t ignore the sad undertones of the song, the uplifting music throughout and the repetitive chorus exudes positivity which helps to remind us that you can always find freedom in the saddest of times if you look hard enough to find it.

Playboy Mood
Unlike the previous song on this EP, Playboy Mood immediately sounds like a ballad… But it’s not. It is actually a rather playful and purely pop song about a woman who has been betrayed. The music on this track is super catchy and it will inevitably have your foot tapping within mere seconds. Seriously, it will be stuck in your head for days after just like the overall message of this song which is to never hurt or betray Laura Muccini. Ever.

Wild Strawberries
Wild Strawberries portrays yet another side to Laura’s list of never-ending talents. The vocal-heavy song is stunning and similar to the first song on this EP, it is incredibly empowering. The idea of it is to find a new way of life after your old life collapses in on you. In the song, Laura likens herself to a bird who is lost and who just wants to find a corner of the sky where she can fly safely and happily despite everything terrible that is going on around her.

Wild Strawberries is a song that everyone can relate to and it is also a song that everyone needs to hear. In fact, we would even say that it is our favourite song on this entire EP. We love it and we will definitely have it on repeat long after this review has been written.

A Black Cat On The Roof
This track is the only one on, “Inside Me,” that is not autobiographical. Every other song on the EP is like a page taken straight out of Laura’s personal diary but A Black Cat On The Roof is different. The song is about someone who has been affected by addiction and more specifically, it was inspired by one of Laura’s close friends who has suffered through alcohol addiction. Although it isn’t directly about Laura, you can still feel the gut-wrenching emotion that she feels as opens up about the tough time her friend is going through.

But it’s not all doom and gloom as A Black Cat On The Roof gives off serious Sia vibes with its cool beat and pop-perfection vocals. And if this song is the direction that Laura wants to head in with her music in the future then we are totally down for it as we think it could really take her far.

My Prayer Of Love
My Prayer Of Love is the most poignant song on, “Inside Me,” and as we mentioned in our previous article, it is breathtakingly stunning from start to finish. A true representation of the struggles that Laura has faced in recent times, the song fits perfectly on this EP and we love that she decided to put it on. It ties in beautifully with the songs before it with its honest lyrics and relatable message surrounded by catchy music and insanely powerful vocals.

The song is a personal love letter from Laura to her husband, and it showcases such an outpouring of love and infinite support which resonates with anyone who has ever been through a hard time. It’s a raw and very close-to-the-bone song which will undoubtedly hit a nerve but we would definitely encourage you to stick with it and listen until the very end as it really is a stunning ballad.

Overall, “Inside Me,” is a raw, honest, and beautiful collection of songs which we are so happy to have been able to listen to. Although the undertone of the album is about tough times and inner struggles, Laura Muccini sells it almost effortlessly with uplifting lyrics and beautiful vocals.

Make sure you stream, “Inside Me,” by clicking on this link, here.

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Written by Zoe Adams

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