EP REVIEW: wavebye – Sugar

Yesterday Southampton quartet wavebye released their debut EP Sugar via AWAL, having been long term followers of their journey we couldn’t wait to tell you all about the EP. Comprising six tracks, it also features Bodyheat released under the band’s previous alias Faux before they switched up their sound and name.

EP opener Everything is an interesting track thanks to the layered style showcased. It feels like there’s a vocal battle going on with repeated line ‘I know I’ve got to try harder’ swirling around our heads as we find ourselves singing along after the first listen of this introductory track. Wavebye aren’t giving much away here however do show they’re happy to throw in a dose of rocked up drums from the onset.

Previously released single Sugar offers a completely different side to the band with a guitar-drive style, sickly sweet vocals (we mean with the title it’s a great match here) and a sense of urgency which throws you in two directions at once. It’s busy, a little frantic but when pulled together it works thanks to the driving drumbeat provided by James Cross. Show Me is another track also released prior to the EP and we have to say it shows off everything wavebye are about; catchy sing-along choruses, lyric matter you can get behind and believe in, intricate riffs and brashy bold drumlines.

Before wavebye was born the quartet were previously known as Faux and released Bodyheat so long term listeners may find this track familiar. It’s clear to see that this is an older material standing out on the release for verging on the dirty-pop side of the bands sound, which definitely isn’t a bad thing and we’d love to see more of this coming through in future wavebye releases. We can’t wait to head down to a show and hear this track performed live as we can just envision the crowd coming alive as soon as this track kicks in.

Penultimate track You Think I Don’t Know tricks the mind, feeling as if you’re starting at the end with the track. Transporting you into a new world, wavebye are coming into their own as the release progresses as the confidence grows in the sound they’re creating. Sometimes sticking a formula or sound can be seen as safe, but when it’s done as well as the quartet are doing it does this really matter? Flaunting real The 1975 vibes with a rocked-up twist we find ourselves, tapping our feet and singing away with Finlay Male without even releasing. If you’re looking for the skip to track of the release we can confirm this is it.

Closing track This Is Love appears to be the ballad of the release however as the track progresses it turns in to a full-blown rock affair with explosive guitar lines and soaring vocals singing of wanting to get out ‘if this is love’ as it’s just not what you expect it to be. We weren’t lying when we said as the released progressed the tracks offered by wavebye have become stronger, more well rounded and even more impressive to listen to as we may just have found our favourite track at the very last moment.

Wavebye might not be breaking any new ground with their sound, but despite this, the Sugar EP is well worthy of your attention if you’re looking for some new pop-rock to get your ears around. We recently chatted to guitarist Daly George about the EP and to find out more about the band’s plans, head here to find out more.

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Written by Nicola Craig

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