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At CelebMix we love introducing you to artists you might not otherwise get a chance to find out about and Southampton quartet wavebye definitely deserve your attention. On Monday (29th July) they’re set to release their debut EP Sugar via AWAL, so here’s a little bit more about them and the release.

Before wavebye was born the band were in an emo/pop-rock outfit called Faux, which we’ve previously covered on the site but as their sound evolved as did their name which led them to ‘wavebye’. Debut track Sugar introduced fans to their swirling, hook-filled guitar-driven sound complete with Finlay Male’s soaring vocals. Second track Show Me looked into the dynamics of a relationship coming to an end when you didn’t want it to so try to make it last as long as you could even if it’s not good for anyone involved. Setting the tone for the EP they’ve established themselves as a band who excel live thanks to their sing-along friendly tracks.

The Sugar EP features six tracks: Sugar, Show Me, Everything, Bodyheat, You Think I Don’t Know and This Is Love. With the EP released on Monday, if you’re looking for a new band to rock up your playlists this summer wavebye are the perfect addition.

We spoke to guitarist Daly George to find out more about the EP and Wavebye:

Can you sum up wavebye in 5 words?

Friends playing emo pop music

You’re about to release your debut EP Sugar, can you tell us more about the recording process?

We spent a week at The Ranch production house in Southampton. Most of the songs were actually formed and written in the studio. We never actually played these songs in the same room together. The place we always start is with the vibe/ emotion/ direction of the song and build from there.

You’ve released two tracks so far: Sugar and Show Me. Are these indicative of the sound the EP is going to have?

We tried to give each song their own identity on this record, so there will be more poppier and more indie driven songs.

What’s it like in the studio with wavebye?

In the studio we aren’t precious about who plays what; just whatever works best for the song at the time were working on. We like to work on vocals as soon as possible, so that whatever happens nothing is getting in the way of the vocal. 

We take a lot of time creating parts/ textures that help emote whatever we are trying to say. All ideas are listened to and tried, until we have the best outcome for the song.

Which artists did you listen to when you were growing up? Do you feel they’ve influenced your sound?

We all have lots of different influences between us, but the common ground that we all share is Jimmy Eat World – I think they have shaped us in some way, they don’t seem to put themselves in any niche, and without thinking about it we haven’t either. 

From the tracks on the EP which is your favourite and why?

Personally, my favourite is ‘sugar’; just really love the general energy of it. It feels great when we all play live together.

Most bands have a bucket list, but what’s on the wavebye bucket list?

Just to write music that we enjoy and that we are proud of, to be honest

What’s coming up in the rest of 2019?  

We have already been demoing and writing new songs, so will be continuing work in the studio. 

We have a few shows coming up including Burn It Down Festivals and a few others that we can’t announce just yet so watch this space…

Keep up to date with wavebye on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Check back on Monday for our review of the Sugar EP, which you can pre-order from here.

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Written by Nicola Craig

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