Eurovision 2017 Romanian Yodeller Ilinca Features On Yasiris’ New Single “Hasta Manana (MMM)”

She’s truly put her yodels behind her, as we know from her follow-up singles, but Ilinca will forever be known for bringing yodelling to mainstream pop in her Eurovision song “Yodel It!” which represented Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 alongside featured singer Alex Florea; they were a fan-favourite and did well in the televote, coming in seventh place during the Grand Final with 282 points. Now, she’s the featured artist on the brand new track from Yasiris, titled “Hasta Manana (MMM)”.

Yasiris is fairly new to the music industry having previously established herself as a music and beauty vlogger on the popular video-sharing website, YouTube. Gaining quite a following, her cover of Bad Bunny’s “Amorfoda” is her most viewed track to date; the lyrics have been changed as an answer to the song which is why it is known as a “la respuesta cover”, or an answer cover in English.

As for Ilinca, full name Ilinca Bacila, she has already had quite the career in Romania as she has fought her way up to where she is today. She first appeared on the second season of Românii au talent, in 2012. She followed that up with competing on the third season of the Romanian talent show, X Factor, as part of a duo called Trumpa Quattro, who made it to the live shows. Next up was being a contestant on the fourth season of Vocea Romaniei, where she made it to the semi-finals. This all led up to her competing in Selectia Nationala 2017 where she won the right to represent Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 alongside Alex Florea with the song “Yodel It!”. She has since followed that release up with “Amici” and “Nu acum” to critical success, all of which was released on Cat Music. She certainly has a great career ahead of her and this new collaboration between Yasiris and Ilinca allows them both to showcase their singing ability.

The song has been written by Theea Miculescu and Ilinca Bacila, whilst production was handled by Laurentiu Duta and Sergiu Buta. The music video has been directed by Alex Ceausu. “Hasta Manana (MMM)” incorporates summer sunshine into a song and this has to become a summer anthem somewhere, it’s too hot for it not to be.

Watch The Music Video To Yasiris’ “Hasta Manana (MMM)” Featuring Ilinca Here:

As we previously said, the track is a stunning song for the summer, we really cannot stop playing it and it’s probably going to define our lives during the months of June, July, and August. It makes us want to just sit on the beach with this song playing at full blast, watching the beautiful waves crashing on to the shore. Both artists’ voices sound incredible on the track and show off their friendship as they sing – this collaboration was very much needed.

As for the music video, the girls have plenty of fun together by stealing push-bikes, hitchhiking, and just having plenty of great times together. It’s clear that they loved every minute of filming this and it really unleashes on to the audience watching, making us all wish we were there with them. There are some solid performance scenes in this, with both Yasiris and Ilinca nailing it throughout. One interesting scene is where they learn a dance sequence from each other and they pull it off flawlessly – it looks natural, something they just did on a whim and the director kept it in, and that’s what makes this that tiny bit special as it shows the connection and friendship the girls have.

“Hasta Manana (MMM)” is available to download and stream now through Cat Music.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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