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EXCLUSIVE: Aviv Cohen Talks New Music, Influences, and Future Goals

Aviv Cohen doesn’t let her age define what she can and can’t do. Although she is only twelve years old, Aviv is already chasing her dreams and making a name for herself in the music industry. She sings, dances, plays piano and guitar, and has toured all across Canada as a member of Mini Pop Kids. While she spent all of last year as a member of the group, she is ready to embark on her solo endeavors, starting with the release of her singles, “Driving Me Crazy,” and most recently, “Who We Are.”

CelebMix has the chance to speak with Aviv to talk about her new music, as well as her goals for the future. Read our interview with her below.

Thank you so much for speaking with CelebMix. Could you tell us about your new single?

“Who We Are” is a ballad that I wrote about being true to yourself and not let others define you and bully you into believing that you need to be someone different. The theme is very important to me, I think everyone should embrace who they are…the good, the quirky. Be yourself. I am extremely happy with how the song came out. We added a cello at the last minute to the introduction and it reappears many times throughout the song and hopefully captures the beauty we all have inside.

Could you also talk about your video for “Driving Me Crazy”?

Yes…. making the Driving Me Crazy Video was really an amazing experience. The song itself is a sort of coming of age song about the changes that occur when we grow up. I wanted to include my friends with whom I have shared many of the experiences in the song. It was so much fun to film. We filmed over a couple of days in a variety of locations including my school and a local park.  It was one big party which continued long after the shooting ended. I’m so lucky because I have such a great and ongoing support system at school and my friends are always looking for different ways to help/participate.

You’re only 12 years old. How do you feel being so young and already having your own singles out?

It feels awesome. I may be young but I am an old soul. I write about things that are important to me and are happening in my life. I think that many people my age, teenagers, young adults, and older adults can relate to these experiences and themes.  And hey—everyone was 12 at one point and we all were dealing with the same issues.

You toured all across Canada last year as a member of Mini Pop Kids. What was that like?

Fantastic. Mini Pop Kids gave me a real opportunity to play before large sellout crowds. I love recording music in a studio but the energy you get from a live performance in front of screaming kids is electrifying…

How did being part of Mini Pop Kids prepare you to become a solo artist?

Mini Pop Kids gave me a great opportunity to grow in a warm and comforting environment. The other members of the group became my best friends and we always supported each other. Prior to Minipop kids I had never visited a recording studio or understood that music is a business. It built my confidence in every aspect.

Was singing always something you wanted to pursue?

I always wanted to entertain people, whether acting or singing. My father always joked that after I finish medical school, I am free to pursue my passion…so for a long time I was sure that I will be a doctor.

Besides being a vocalist, you also play piano and are now taking dance and guitar lessons. What made you decide to take on these new experiences?

To be honest, my parents made me take piano at a young age and I was not crazy about practicing scales every day. As I grew older I started to explore these other ways of expressing myself. I can practice ballet in front of the mirror for hours or just pick up a guitar and play with other friends.

What has been the hardest to learn?

Ballet. My toes seem to fight it every step of the way.

Is there a performer that has inspired you to become one yourself? What do you admire about them?

The first pop song I heard was from Lady Gaga and I was instantly hooked. She is so talented in so many genres. She is classically trained like me and I think it provides her the ability to sing musical theatre one day and rock the next.  Her songs are very meaningful to me and she always seems to keep it real.

What would you like to accomplish in the future?

My dream is to perform in the Superbowl halftime show. Maybe a duet with Lady Gaga.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to say to our CelebMix readers?

I hope that you like my music and if you, please come back for more. This is just the beginning…

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Written by Michele Mendez

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