EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Behind-The-Scenes Video Of Hannah Faye’s “Darker” With Feature Clips Of New Film “Wonder”

Released today in the US, the brand new film “Wonder” will start capturing hearts. Its mesmerising story will certainly be bringing many people into cinemas to watch. It also stars Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson; however, it’s the soundtrack that has got people talking, first we heard Bea Miller’s track for the film, and now we’ve got Hannah Faye’s “Darker”; which highly resonates with the film and comes with this awesome behind-the-scenes video that we’re premiering to you, today.

The song is one of our favourites and certainly connects perfectly with the film; it’s no surprise that it was chosen for the soundtrack. Hannah Faye is a true inspiration, as she creates the song herself from scratch. It is solely written by her and the arrangement is done by her too. All this can be found in this exciting behind-the-scenes video.

Not only that, we get to see some sneak-peaks from the awesome movie. “Wonder” will no doubt be the film we’re all talking about in the coming weeks. We also hear from Hannah Faye, herself, and Ruwanger “Ru” Samath, who is the producer of “Darker”.

Watch Hannah Faye’s Behind-The-Scenes Promotional Video For “Darker” Here:

The video opens up with part of a lyric video to the song, as well as clips of the film “Wonder” intercut. This all happens before we watch Hannah Faye record and create “Darker”. She seems to be in her element, loving every minute of it.

This is what she has to say in the clip: “What I learned from Auggie [the main character in “Wonder”] was that people just need to be kinder and not so judgemental. I think “Darker” was appropriate for the film because Auggie needs some hope and that’s what the song was about.”

You can buy, download, and stream the soundtrack to “Wonder” here, which has been released today.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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