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EXCLUSIVE: Premiere of Kristine Elezaj’s ‘Over & Over’ Music Video

CelebMix is pleased to bring you the exclusive premiere of Kristine Elezaj’s music video for “Over & Over,” directed and shot by Jose Omar Hernandez (Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” The Movement”).

Taking place at a 1920’s Spanish architectural mansion overlooking the hills of Hollywood, California, the music video takes viewers back to an era where chivalry and love were the most dominant forces. With Kristine being a hopeless romantic, the video perfectly personifies the singer’s vision of love, which she says “holds so much power in everything that we do.”

To get her message across, Kristine incorporated beautiful dance techniques and choreography to compliment the video’s picturesque setting, resulting in the video having a majestic and classical feel.

“The creative vision behind the video was to demonstrate love through movement and fashion,” says Kristine. “There are soft looks mixed with bold ones that are blended cinematically with sultry moves. Each scene plays off of each other, illustrating the different phases that love can reach.”

Kristine adds that love is one of her favorite topics to write about. “Over & Over” specifically talks about the feeling of being lost in love and how regardless of how much time has passed in a relationship, there’s always something new to discover.

Watch Kristine Elezaj’s new music video for “Over & Over” below

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Written by Michele Mendez

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