Why Fans Love Supernatural

Family don’t end with blood.

There are a thousand reasons to love Supernatural. The actors’ talents are breathtaking, the lessons work off and onscreen, and the storylines keep you hooked.

We could go on and on about how remarkable the series is, but we know it may not be taken to heart. So to truly and genuinely show you how incredible the show is, we went out and asked real fans to tell us why they love Supernatural.

Unsurprisingly, we got an overwhelming amount of responses. While we wish we could show you all of them, it would just take too much time. To compromise, here are some of the most passionate and genuine answers we received.

Alexis // 21 // Maine, USA

“I love Supernatural not only because of the storylines, characters, and cast members that are so intriguing and relatable but also because of the fanbase. I have met so many amazing friends I would’ve never met if it weren’t for our mutual love for this show. I have also traveled all over the country to go to the Supernatural conventions and therefore have visited some incredible places I would’ve never haven even thought to see before but glad I now have. The show Supernatural has made me get out of my comfort zone and therefore become a more confident and happy person in return.”

Samantha // 20 // Britain

“[Supernatural has] introduced me to so many friends, opportunities, and amazing people. I now have the opportunity to meet friends at cons. I watch the show in hospital to cheer me up, or watch it on webcam with internet friends!! The cast and crew are amazing, and thanks/props to them for working so hard for 12 years!”

Maranda // 21 // Minnesota, USA

“I love Supernatural because it’s been something that has constantly been there for me. From graduating high school, to moving to college, to now graduating college, Supernatural is something that I know will always be there for me when I’m sad, mad, happy, or just bored, and it is something that has never gotten old for me. My love of the show and love of the actors has grown more and more each year. These actors have grown from people I am a fan of to people I aspire to be like, and they make me want to be better every single day, and I am proud to say that I am part of an amazing family.”

Sam // 26 // California, USA

“I love Supernatural because it shows real, human reactions to the unthinkable. It shows believable human beings in unbelievable situations, responding in ways that real believable humans would respond. The brothers are so dynamic and their characters are killer. I particularly love the relationship between Dean and Castiel, as to me it shows a huge range of relationship, from enemies, to begrudging allies, to friends, to family, and even to something more than family, as some fans believe. Dean in particular is my favorite character because he resonates with me so much; as a bisexual person, I find huge significance and solidarity in Dean’s behaviors, actions, and statements throughout the series, and this is another area which stretches into the appeal of the Dean/Cas dynamic. These are the huge reasons why I love Supernatural. I’ve watched it since I was in high school, and I will continue to watch it until it’s through!”

Jade // 18 // UK

“I love [Supernatural] not just for the show but the community that comes with it. The family that comes with it. It’s a great show, which started off as a monster a week to having more plot. The actors are great too. Jensen, Jared, Misha… Everyone. Plus the work they do outside of the show to help the fans. The campaigns that have been made due to the show and the passion from the SPNFamily for these campaigns like [Always Keep Fighting (AKF)], [You Are Not Alone (YANA)], and the SPN Crisis Network. That’s why I love Supernatural because, it’s become more than just a TV show. And the fans aren’t just fans, we’ve become family. I’ve learnt a lot from them, from the people that watch it to the people that make it and are in it. We are one big SPN Family.”

Dominga // 17 // Toronto


“The reason I love [Supernatural] so much is the perfect mixture and balance of normal and supernatural although [it is] a fictional tv show[. It] ties us with the characters by giving them such human qualities. Not only that but the actors carry themselves so well not only on tv but in person as well. Supernatural has also given me a place where I can meet others just like me. Supernatural is Family and Family always has your back”

Cecilia // 18 // Mexico

“…I love [Supernatural] because it values family. The concept of having a family and sacrifices that have to be made for them [is] what I value and I appreciate the most. I love that what [is] in the show the cast projects it in the outside and not only between them but with the fans[. We] are their family to them too and I felt so welcomed and relieved when I joined because not only I already had a family but they’ve been my friends and helped me when I’ve been on my worst.”

Alexis // 14 // Kentucky, USA

“I love [Supernatural], not because it’s a show of two attractive males but because of the meaning. The meaning of love and family that is expressed time and time again. The fact that no matter what the [Winchesters] go through, family is always there and that love cannot be broken. That no matter what, you will always have family, they don’t have to be blood but you will always have the love of your family. If that is not inspirational to you, then I’m not sure what is.”

Sam // 18 // Chicago, USA

“I love [Supernatural] because of its fan base, we are like a huge family & the fans are really supportive and we all have an opinion about the show and we all respect each other’s opinions. This show for me is an escape, whenever I’m feeling down I turn to it, [whether] it’s the SPN convention videos or the show [itself], it always makes me smile. Seeing the celebrities & seeing how much they love the fans is amazing. I could never ask for a greater fan base [than] SPN. I watch lots of other shows, but the fans are all great, but they don’t have that family feeling that the SPN fan base does. I went to the convention in Chicago alone, and once it was over I made so many new friends cause we all have 1 common thing and it’s [Supernatural].”

Fatima // 17 // Australia

“…Supernatural has created something so unique and special that no other show has, it’s created a big family, full of love, support and happiness. It gave us hope when we were feeling down, gave us a family when we were alone and gave us love when we were feeling sad. Supernatural means so much to me, and the SPN Family has been there for me when others in my life were not. When I first saw Supernatural, I was intrigued by the cuteness and the quirkiness of Sam and Dean but then I realized that they are more than that, they are brothers who fight for each other and would protect each other no matter what. Cas and Crowley made me realize that people in life make mistakes but sometimes for the right intention and you always have to forgive people no matter what. Not only do the characters mean so much to us, we adore the cast and crew so much… They are family to us and we love them so much. We appreciate everything they do and we will always support them. They are so beautiful, both inside and out. They are amazing people, who care about the characters journey and we respect them so much for that. We will always support their campaigns just how they support us…”

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Written by Jessica Brown

A college graduate who enjoys watching Supernatural, attending conventions and concerts, taking photos, and writing to the masses. Email me at jesslaurenb@yahoo.com.