Why Fans Love All Time Low

All Time Low are an American rock band from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The band are made up of Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson and Zack Merrick. Their sixth studio album, Future Hearts, was released in 2015 through Hopeless Records.

Throughout All Time Low’s career, they’ve always had quite heartfelt songs which are adored by fans. Ranging from ‘Lullabies’ and ‘Remembering Sunday’ from near the beginning of their career, to ‘Therapy’, ‘A Daydream Away’ and ‘Tidal Waves’, which brings us to the current point in their career.

The ‘Missing You’ video, taken from their most recent album, Future Hearts, features many All Time Low fans. The video shows the band surprising their fans from all over the world to a video call with them. Some fans featured in the video state how they’ve found inspiration through All Time Low and how the group has helped them be proud of who they are.

“I feel like we’ve been really lucky over the past, I don’t know, 12 years that we’ve been a band. There’s a very cool, general theme of everybody coming together and meeting friends and meeting girlfriends and boyfriends, and it makes it special for us, and it makes it more than just about, you know, having to go in the studio and write songs and write albums. It makes it about connecting with people and bringing people together and that’s kind of the- the end game for us is creating this community that’s all there for one another and kind of pushing people forward through music and through bringing people together.” – Alex Gaskarth

CelebMix took the time to speak to some All Time Low fans from a variety of countries, and this is what they had to say.

Carly, 13, Ohio, USA – “I really like All Time Low because they have a really unique style and really heartfelt lyrics. Their songs have really powerful messages and inspire a lot of people to just be themselves and be strong throughout whatever life throws at them.”

Snéha, 18, India – “First of all All Time Low are a great, great, great band and they’re funny in interviews and in their documentary, Straight to DVD, and they’re just all round awesome! I especially love Jack’s humour, he’s hilarious. Their songs are awesome and everyone can relate to their music. I was/am having a hard time with anxiety and stuff when I first found them so they kinda saved me. There are a lot of bands who saved me and All Time Low are one of them; that’s why they mean a lot to me. I’ve literally never been to their concert because they are never touring here in my country. I watch them touring on YouTube and they are hilarious when they are touring. I wish someday I’ll be attending their concert. Their music videos make me laugh so much. I love all of their music videos. They care about their fans so much; they do a lot of things for us, that’s what makes me so happy and love them even more.”

Prithula, 15, Bangladesh – “All Time Low are an amazing band. They’ve made some of the best music I’ve heard. Their live performances just show how truly incredible and talented the members are. Their vocals and instrumentals are phenomenal. Whether you’re in the back or the front row, their live performance is a breathtaking experience. But that one thing that has always stood out to me about them are the song lyrics. Alex Gaskarth, the lead vocalist and the band’s main songwriter, have written the words “there is ice in place of answers, and a cold that chills the bones, when September came and went without an answer, we were left to Fall for Winter on our own” and those lines are some of the most beautiful lyrics I’ve ever heard.”

“The song ‘Therapy’ is one of my favourites as before they have played the song live, Alex has once said “This next song goes out to anybody who has been told the way they think or the way they feel is the wrong way to think or the wrong way to feel. Anybody who has felt betrayed by their friends or their family, always be yourselves no matter what. ” And that makes the fans and the boys have a connection because we’ve all gone through hard times in life while tackling obstacles and problems but in the end, we’ll always be happy. The band has taught me to the see the world in different colors. They’ve taught me to always love myself and as a fan, I appreciate that.”

Mason, 18, Alberta, Canada – “I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression my whole life but I was diagnosed around age 15. At this age I was friendless, sad and completely lost as a person; I had nothing that I liked about myself and didn’t see a future for someone like me. Young people who suffer or have suffered from mental health problems often find small ways of coping, I had a song. This song was my mental health song, my struggle song, the song that spoke to me and I listened to when I needed a friend that wasn’t there for me. This song came in my time of need and was there for me in ways that people never could be and this song was called ‘Therapy’ by All Time Low. To this day this song continues to speak volumes about how I felt and continue to feel because of my mental health struggles, it’s my song, the one song I’d tell you to play if you asked me to sum myself up in one song. When you suffer from mental health disorders at a young age it can really affect your development as it can slow you down and stop you from living your life, but this song was a turning point for me. It thrust me into the world of music (more specifically the pop-punk genre) where different bands, lyrics and melodies have gotten me through my hopelessness. It’s been a long and slow process but I’ve made friends, attended concerts, forced a smile on my face some days and learned to like parts of myself in the past 3 years. But even so, if I wake up some days in a sadness like I do sometimes and I can’t seem to find anything I like about myself that day I can always say that one thing that I do like about myself is that I’m a fan of All Time Low.”

Ally, 17, Australia – “I was 10 years old when I discovered All Time Low and I’ve not found a better band since. Their inspiring lyrics have gotten me through a lot of tough times and I just don’t think I’d be the same person that I am today if I didn’t discover them. All Time Low have always conveyed a message of hope to their fans and maybe that’s why they’re my favourite band. They’re always out there encouraging kids to keep holding on and never give up their fight and to just…take a breather because everything’s gonna be alright in the end. No other band has provided that much support for their fans like All Time Low has and that’s why I look up to all four of them and see them not just as musicians but also good-hearted people.”

Kennedi, 18, Ontario, Canada – “I got into All Time Low like five years ago when I was in grade nine and I was kinda new to that type of music scene so All Time Low was one of the bands that were a little more pop-ish so I could get used to it easier I guess if that makes sense. I was just a casual fan at first but then I started listening to more of their songs and realized they were a lot more than just a band. I went through pretty rough depression a few years ago and their songs like ‘Lullabies’, ‘Therapy’, ‘Remembering Sunday’ and ‘Too Much’ were really calming and good for me to listen to but at the same time they had a lot of upbeat songs that were good for me to listen to. When they came out with Future Hearts last year I was in a lot better of a place and I still cried through almost the entire album while listening to it cause it reminded me what they had done for me four years earlier. They really made an impact on my life and they’re just a really meaningful and great band.”

Megan, 18, Canada – “I love All Time Low because they’re not afraid to be themselves and speak up about important things. When I’m feeling down their music always helps to cheer me up and remind me that it’s going to get better; I really appreciate how so many of their songs incorporate that theme.”

Mia, 14, London, UK – “I like All Time Low because as artists they’ve really impacted the way you think about things. They’re the kind of band that you go to when you need cheering up because doubtless the first interview you click one will have some sort of joke or dumb innuendo that will make you feel a little better – but they also have a serious side, and that’s really important too. Songs like ‘Missing You’ are really inspiring to me, personally, because it covers topics that our world is both struggling with and blatantly ignoring. And of course, All Time Low is not the first band to write a song that millions seek out when they want to feel calm again. Of course not. But the fact that their music can also appeal to a younger teenage graphic means that sometimes a preteen getting bullied can find comfort in a song that is more to their taste. The world is messed up, and All Time Low won’t fix that. It’s going to take a lot to piece together the mess our world has become. But sometimes you need music to reach out to when everything else fails.”

Michelle, 18, New York, USA – “When I was about eleven years old I heard ‘Dear, Maria Count Me In’ for the first time. At the time I didn’t know that seven years later I’d be crying about finding the vinyl of their EP Put Up Or Shut Up. Over the years I listened to them on and off until I was a junior in high school. At that point, I had entered a time of social alienation. I had broken ties with a person that wasn’t good for me. They convinced my other ‘friends’ that I was in the wrong and all of them stopped talking to me. Every day at lunch I sat alone and without anyone to talk to I would go to the library, read books, and listen to music. During this time All Time Low happened to release Future Hearts, and I began listening to them all over again, listening to all their albums, singles and EP’s. They got me through this rough period of my life and even helped me make a friend, who later became my best friend. All Time Low’s music helped me repair the damage that had been done to my self-esteem and helped me see that I wasn’t really alone.”

Tamara, 22, UK – “I’m a reasonably new All Time Low fan, having only first started listening to them just over a year ago. I can, however, wholeheartedly say that their music has helped me get through one of the hardest years of my life. I remember the first time that I heard ‘Missing You’ I was driving to work and had to pull over because the sentiment of that song just hit me so hard I couldn’t see through the tears. I have lyrics from that song tattooed on me because it helped me get through some really hard times. Their music has provided a lifeline for me and I was lucky enough to get to meet them and tell them that earlier this year. They were the sweetest people to meet. That’s one of the things that I think makes them really special. You couldn’t meet nicer, more genuine people who really care about their fans. They say don’t meet your heroes but All Time Low are an exception to that. They really care and I think that’s what resonates so much with fans.”

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Written by Georgia Brown

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