Fifth Harmony’s Feminist Anthem “Worth It” Goes Triple Platnium

It’s official – Fifth Harmony’s single “Worth It” has been bought over three million times.

From their creation on The X Factor in 2012 to now, 5H has done a lot to change the music industry. For one, they’re dominating an industry that’s male-oriented. Men tend to top the charts, but Fifth Harmony has proven that women can do the same. Their music also focuses on women empowerment, which is incredibly important in this day and age.

“Worth It”, which was released as a single in March, can be seen in two different ways. It’s obvious from the lyrics that it can be taken at a romance/sexual level, with a woman claiming that she’s “worth it”. The song can also be taken with that classic 5H girl power, working as a feminist anthem to say every single woman out there can do whatever their heart desires, because they’re definitely “worth it”.

This is the approach Fifth Harmony took for the song’s music video, which was released a few weeks after the single was. It features the girls all wearing business-type attire, and they’re in power – they’re the CEOs, they’re the bosses. These are both positions men commonly hold, but instead, Fifth Harmony turned the tables. They dance in front of male stock market tickers, as well as a stock market ticket that flashes sentences like “women in power” and “feminism is sexy”. The video has over four-hundred and fifty million views as of now, and even though it’s nearly nine months old, it’s still being talked about. You can watch it down below.

A lot of songs are only on the radio for a couple months, but “Worth It” is still playing daily, and people haven’t stopped singing along. The song’s message works perfectly for the current fight for gender equality: men are worth it, but so are women.

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Written by Jessica Brown

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