Five funniest moments from Little Mix interviews

On the surface, Little Mix are a fierce and empowering girl group conquering the world one country at a time. In reality, they’re doing all of that on top of being absolutely hilarious. Their party tricks of blooming great Australian accents and poo stories are certainly entertaining but the following moments are definitely more lol-worthy.

Jesy and Jade planking all over Matt Edmondson

It’s cleaner than it sounds. Matt Edmondson’s unusual way of interviewing guests has become a bit of a competition amongst celebs. The concept is: plank on Matt and stay as along as you can in that position whilst he asks you questions. Easy, right? Erm, not quite. Jesy and Jade’s attempts at planking were hilarious and it’s must watch if you haven’t seen it already. If you don’t have time to watch it all, then bookmark it and you’ll thank us later.

Leigh-Anne’s slip up on live TV

Head to 4:45 of the video and experience a cringe worthy but very funny moment when Leigh-Anne accidentally forgets about Jade’s new beau, Jed Elliott from The Struts whilst promoting their tour on Good Morning Britain back in February. The girls try to pass it off but can’t help it and get the right giggles.

Their dinner with Simon Cowell story

Poor Jade got a bit anxious about a dinner with the big boss himself Simon Cowell and drank away her nerves. It wasn’

When they were rubbish at Pictionary

We don’t know about you but we find Pictionary blooming difficult. So it was no wonder that the girls found it hard when given the chance to play against each other in Japan last summer. Jesy’s frustration at Perrie was probably our favourite parts throughout.

Jesy with that Jamaican accent

Bless our Jes. She became quite the meme with this attempt at a Jamaican accent. We’re still not quite sure what she was trying to say but it was hilarious nevertheless.



Written by CelebMix