JoJo performing at the O2 Academy in London last month

Five reasons why we’re excited for JoJo’s comeback to music

After watching the singer perform live in concert at the O2 Academy in London last month, JoJo proved she still has the talent to wow us just like she did when she first came on the music scene in 2004 and for that, here’s 5 reasons why we’re so excited for the singer’s comeback to music.

Her amazing Voice

Most people may not know this but JoJo (real name Joanna Levesque) was actually 13 years of age when she starred in the famous No.1 hit single ‘Leave’; a song that helped many of us teens get over a messy break-up.

The 25-year-old impressed us back then with her incredible voice and her surprising range of vocal abilities, which by the way is extraordinary for a 13 year old. The singer is still belting out songs as we speak and her voice has gotten better with age. All we need now is for JoJo to come back and give us that good-feel music we all love and miss.

A role Model

JoJo is a true girl’s girl as she’s made it known she is not one to be afraid to speak up for women. In fact, she recently posted on twitter: “People always want to believe there’s some beef. Especially between females. Stop. I do not subscribe.”

JoJo is a person that’s inspired all of us during our childhood and whether that’s through her music or her tweets, either way we appreciate you JoJo

A good friend

 Might we add that JoJo is also a good friend, she was one of the few celebrities who quickly jumped on twitter to give her sympathies to R&B artist Kehlani, who revealed recently that she was suicidal. JoJo tweeted: “I love you Kehlani. You’re beautiful. Worthy of love and light and happiness.” This woman is simply amazing.

A good Person

JoJo is one of the few singers that takes the time out to appreciate her fans, even during her busy schedules; the singer tends to reply to many of her followers on twitter and offers them advice when requested. She is very open with her fans, especially on social media, about issues regarding her music and even her dating life.

Hardworking artist

Despite the fact that JoJo is currently touring, the singer is also working on her new debut album trying to polish it for us devoted fans. It’s honestly amazing how she has time to do both. The singer has hyped up the album plenty of times on Twitter and the wait is killing us but we expect nothing but good music from JoJo and we can’t wait to listen to her upcoming album.

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Written by CelebMix