Gig Review: Nadia Rose At Birmingham’s Nightingale Club

It had been promoted for months, and finally 26 August 2017 came around. Female rapper, Nadia Rose, who some may know as Stormzy’s cousin; performed at The Nightingale Club in Birmingham. Also on stage were four other women, who are all part of her “Skwod” – which is also the name of her biggest solo single to date.

Upon entering Nightingale, we were slightly disappointed due to the fact that we, and many other people, had bought tickets to the event, which cost eight pounds; however, we arrived at the venue before midnight which gifted us free entry – so we actually wasted our money buying tickets. This is our warning to any of you who buy tickets to events at The Nightingale Club, make sure that the on-door price is more expensive otherwise, you’re just wasting your money like we did. They should’ve, at least, given ticket holders some sort of privilege over the people who went for free entry.

That affected our night, to begin with; but, Nadia Rose was pure fire the moment she set foot on that stage. Her live vocals were on point all the way through.

She stripped it back for one of her songs as she brought one of her girls to the front of the stage, who beatboxed. This showcased Nadia Rose off perfectly as it was just her and her mate singing into the microphones; Nadia Rose rapping and her friend beatboxing.

Watch Nadia Rose Perform “Skwod” At The Nightingale Club, Birmingham Here:

Our favourite has to be “Skwod”, she nailed the performance of her debut single completely. We were loving every single second of it, even though there were some technical difficulties at the start, as our video shows; this also happened to Imani Williams when she performed at The Nightingale Club. Acting as a true artist, Nadia Rose pulled through and was determined more than ever to give us a good show. We could feel her energy pulsate into the crowd, as her Skwod joined her at the front of the stage.

She ended her set with “Crank It (Whoa!)”, which is a song we all know thanks to the Lucozade Sport Advertisements. The song was electric from start to finish, and she enlisted the crowd to help sing the song. The whole club buzzed with energy; what a way to end the night.

This is our second time seeing Nadia Rose, the first being at Birmingham Pride. Both instances she brought energy, fun, and grime to the event. She deserves to be on stage performing her songs, and we’re pretty sure we’ll end up at another one of her gigs; to which we cannot wait.

Our night may have started off with complete disappointment from the club for selling tickets online whilst offering free entry before midnight; but, Nadia Rose nailed her set and brought the energy to the crowd.

Here’s The CelebMix Snapchat Story Of Nadia Rose At The Nightingale Club Birmingham:

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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