Happy Birthday Jimin: An Appreciation Post to Celebrate the Artist’s Birthday

What’s a big deal about birthdays? For fans, a birthday is one of those days when they can showcase their love for their favourite artists. We all have someone who we look up to, and occasions like these offer us a chance to pay our gratitude and show our appreciation for people we follow.

Jimin’s birthday is no different. The BTS member turned 23 on October 13th and was showered with love by both fans as well as the members. Last year, we celebrated the Mochi’s birthday with some GIFs, but today, we attempt to do something different. In this piece, we will share some reasons as to why Jimin is lovable.

Let’s get it! (in Jungkook’s voice)

Jimin is a great friend

Be it V, Jungkook, or any other member of BTS, Jimin has always presented himself as the source of comfort for the boys. He openly supports other members in all their endeavors and tries to showcase the best parts of “their” personalities during his interactions with fans and media.

He does not shy away from showing his emotions

In a world where it is difficult to showcase your sensitive self to others, we have people like Jimin who don’t shy away from expressing how they feel at a particular moment. Be it his love for members or him being overwhelmed during concerts and his interactions with ARMY, Jimin has shown that one does not become weak by showing emotions. Instead, a sincere expression of feelings is always admired and accepted by people.

He is a brilliant performer and an extremely hard-working individual

We could have written dancer, but that would have overshadowed his skill as a vocalist. Jimin is a brilliant vocalist and a dancer who with his single move can take his audience’s breath away. At the same time, he does not take his art for granted. The artist is known to be one of the most hardworking members of BTS and the results are now quite evident on stage.

His is an epitome of love

We are not even exaggerating. One of the fans took on Twitter to explain how language can never be a barrier with Jimin and we couldn’t agree more. The artist use his love to communicate his feelings to the members and fans. His whole personality exudes warmth and comfort that uplift the recipient’s soul.

Recently, when Jungkook felt bad for not being able to perform (dance) at the concert and started crying, it did not take a single second for Jimin to go and comfort his maknae. Not only did he comfort Jungkook, but he also stayed by his side for most of his performance time on stage. In terms of exchange of love, one can always find Jimin as the provider.


He is so fine

Jimin is a good looking individual whose looks have been deemed “ethereal” by fans after his pic at the concert went viral. He also caught the attention of a lot of people after he appeared with BTS on America’s Got Talent. He has an unavoidable charisma that complements his personality really well.


Do we need to say more? We wish Jimin a very happy birthday and hope for his speedy recovery. Share your favourite Jimin moments via tweet @CelebMix.

Written by Ayushi

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