Harley Quinn Spinoff in the Works

It’s still months before Suicide Squad hits theatres, but a standalone featuring DC’s Harley Quinn is already in talks at Warner Bros.

Details are sparse at the moment, however word is Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie will not only reprise her roll as the anti-heroine but will also produce the project. Even better, the film is rumoured to include several of DC’s female heroes and villains, with names like Batgirl and Birds of Prey being teased.

Robbie is already making waves with her performance as Harley Quinn, a fan favourite among DC lovers, in Suicide Squad in which she stars opposite Will Smith and Jared Leto.

Everyone at Warner Bros. is keeping tightlipped about the project and we imagine it’ll stay that way, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, it is Robbie who is the impetus behind it all. Upon scoring the iconic role she dove deep into Quinn’s backstory and fell in love with DC’s rotation of female characters.

It’s good timing for DC, too, with the recent launch of DC SuperHero Girls. The line of comics and products is targeted at their legion of young female readers, and includes badass ladies like Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Katana (who also features in Suicide Squad) and, of course, Harley Quinn.

It might be a while before we see any movement but audiences can get their first taste of Robbie’s Quinn in August and, with any luck, she’ll be around for a while yet!

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Written by CelebMix