How do you become popular on Instagram without wasting your time on the methods that don’t work?

There is a thousand and one text that says what you should or shouldn’t do when it comes to online promotion. Instagram is the most popular and used platform right now due to its business opportunities, and that’s why we’re going to talk about promotion on this website today. Though this text might be helpful for those people who’re running a blog or profile on any other platform as well — the rules of popularity and success are the same to anyone in general, especially if we talk about the platforms where the main posting materials are photos and videos. Before using a chance to buy Instagram likes and thinking that the deal is sold, make sure to read this article and learn about the most important points you have to keep in mind while developing your account. 

Be short and simple online. Don’t put tons of info into one post, that’s not going to end well no matter the format you’ve chosen. Right now people are very picky about the information they’re going to consume, nobody wants to spend too much time on something while they could move on and look through several posts in a row. Keep it in mind and make sure that you’re keeping your feed short, simple and interesting.

If you have literally one publication and a thousand likes, it looks suspicious, don’t you agree? This type of approach can kill all the social proof that you’ve been lucky to gain from your naturally obtained likes. That’s why if you feel the urgent need to start promoting your profile using paid options, try to do it sneakily and smoothly, using suitable amounts of Instagram likes for your account. 

Sometimes buying 1000 of likes for your Insta can totally kill the whole vibe of you being an honest blogger who’s staying in touch with the audience and takes care about each newly gained sub. Combining promo services could help with it: don’t buy several thousands of subs, purchase 1000 thumbs up, 1000 likes and some comments, add some video or stories views as well. That’s how you’re going to have a balanced out and thought-through promotion that will clearly bring you benefits only and won’t destroy your reputation in any shape or form. 

What’s also important to keep in mind while trying to develop your content? 

Try to avoid using bots by all means. Even if you want to make a number of your likes bigger and you don’t care about them being real or not, you still are going to have tons of problems with bot-delivered likes. Fake thumbs-up get deleted by Instagram itself, as right now it has a pretty strict policy when it comes to bots. Those will stay with you for a while, further they are going to disappear into nowhere if IG techs will pay enough attention to what’s being done on your and other accounts that these bots were visiting. 

Often enough promo companies that use bots have zero control of them and even if you’d like to remove them from your profile you won’t be able to do so. Always pay attention to the quality of the services that you’re getting — check for information on the main page of the company, look for reviews from previous purchasers, maybe even talk to one of them or to the managers who should be waiting for you online. Usually companies create some kind of chat or a forum where you’re able to talk over with them or to find the answers to the commonly asked questions. If you see none of that stuff on a company’s website, that’s not a good sign. 

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Written by Monella