Inna Surprises Us All By Dropping Music Video For New Song “Ruleta” Featuring Erik

As Inna prepares to release her fifth studio album, fans wait patiently for new music to be dropped. We’ve been teased about “Me Gusta” plenty of times since the teasers for “Show Me The Way” and “Fade Away“; yet, she surprises everyone with a new song, “Ruleta”, instead, which features Erik.

The collaboration was previously teased on Inna’s Instagram, although we were only told that it was coming soon; which is also what we have been told about “Me Gusta”. Regardless, this new song has Inna proving that she’s multilingual as she sings in both English and Spanish; known as Spanglish.

The title of the song is “Ruleta”, which is Spanish for “Roulette”. The music and lyrics were written by Sebastian Barac, Marcel Botezan, David Ciente, Elena-Alexandra Apostoleanu (Inna), Frank-Erik Tchatchoua (Erik), Marius Dia, and Isaac Breyan. As for the music video, Barna Nemethi acted as director, while Marius Apopei acted a Director of Photography.

Watch Inna’s Music Video For “Ruleta” Featuring Erik Here:

The visual takes place on a tennis court, which sees both artists performing in front of a group of dancers; these dancers later take centre stage, showing off their dance ability. The video later progresses to other scenes where we see the dancers performing in other locations. There is also a huge bonfire in a scene towards the end, which looks beyond awesome.

As Inna’s fifth studio album is just around the corner, we can see this song being next to “Heaven” on the tracklist; as they are both of a similar style. It could then lead into the upcoming song “Me Gusta” because of the Spanish lyrics. In addition to these songs, we’re expecting to see “Gimme Gimme” and “Say It With Your Body” appearing on the album. We are also hoping to see “Fade Away“, “Cum Ar Fi“, “Tu Si Eu“, and “Show Me The Way” on there too; although, since two are songs featuring Inna and the other is a promotional single, it begs to question whether they’ll be a part of the tracklist. At this rate, there won’t be many songs we haven’t heard from her new album; maybe this suggests that we won’t have to wait too long now.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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