John Legend releases new single “We Need Love”, written by Tebby Burrows

With Adam Levine as an executive producer, NBC’s new show “Songland” has finally seen the light of the day. Launched on 28th May with its first episode featuring John Legend, the show puts the spotlight on songwriters. Every week, songwriters will be paired with the producers Ryan Tedder, Ester Dean, and Shane McAnally and songs produced under their mentorship will be presented to the recording artist who will then be selecting the winning song to record and release worldwide.

Departing conceptually from some of the mainstream musical talent shows, “Songland” provides a chance to undiscovered songwriters to share their work with the world. When a song becomes popular, we hardly ever talk about the writers whose words are the primary triggers for the impact a work of art makes. Considered as a part of “behind-the-scenes” crew, writers have never received their due recognition. The show seems to be a great medium to shift the focus and include more participants in the discussion around great songs.

For its first episode, Songland invited John Legend. Known for his artistic genius, Legend is the second youngest artist to achieve EGOT status. Be it “All of Me”, “Love Me Now “, ” Glory” or any other song, sharing a personal perspective through his songs, Legend’s work transitions to the universal, conveying the message of peace and love. His participation as a guest artist on the show not only allowed the winner to work with a professional but also offered a chance for the participants as well as the audience to see his point of view as a recipient of art.

After an intense competition, Tebby Burrows was declared as the winner with the song “We Need Love” making the cut for the artist’s recording. While a lot of people were apprehensive of the selection, Legend proved that artistic skill lies in living up to the vision of the writer while at the same time, attaining a balance by offering one’s own interpretation for the track. Burrows’ lyrics share the dilemma we find ourselves in this hate-stricken world. Offering love as a possible solution, the song shares a utopic vision by laying emphasis on equality, compassion, and respect.

Not only did Legend make this song his own, but he also made sure to keep the rawness of the studio recording intact. This allowed presenting his feelings unrehearsed, making an impact on the listener.

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Written by Ayushi

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