Juliana Hale Releases Music Video for "Cupid"

Juliana Hale Releases Music Video for “Cupid”

Cupid has always been one of those “cute” mythological characters that represents love, especially around Valentine’s Day. For many, Cupid represents a sudden and unexpected arrival of love. It’s a love that hits you so quick, it’s almost as if a magical arrow really did hit you right in the heart.

Nashville pop singer, Juliana Hale, recently felt the sting from that arrow, as told in her latest single for “Cupid.” But we soon learn that Cupid is not always a welcome visitor.

“When I first came up with the hook idea for “Cupid,” I envisioned a happy, upbeat storyline,” Juliana exclusively told CelebMix. “However, anyone who listens can hear that the song took a more somber turn. I always draw inspiration from my personal life when I write, and at the time, I was experiencing the familiar sting of unrequited love and unanswered questions.”

“After Skidd Mills and I finished writing the song, I named my new kitten after it, but she sadly passed soon after,” Juliana shared. ” I wanted these emotions to be revealed through the piano and string arrangement, and I can only hope that those who listen will feel and relate to this tribute to love lost in a beautiful way.”

Seen below in her cover art for the “Cupid,” you can even see Juliana’s glitter tears. This is a hint that some may have caught onto before listening to single, if you paid close attention.

Juliana Hale Releases Music Video for "Cupid"

With lyrics like, “You still haven’t called / Did I do something wrong? / Was it by design? / What it something I missed / Why did you do this to me?,” you can feel Juliana’s pain towards Cupid. She’s sad and confused. Cupid gave her something she adored with all her heart, but then took it away.

Listening to “Cupid,” you’re listening to music in its rawest and most naked form. The song is just her beautiful voice along with a piano and a cello.

Check out her music video for “Cupid” below:

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