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KELLA Ends The Year Right – With New Release “Just My Type”

It’s a Christmas miracle! KELLA has just dropped a wonderful surprise and it is definitely just the type we enjoy.

2019 has been an amazing one for singer-songwriter KELLA: she developed herself into one of the strongest defenders of pop music during this year. Starting with the release of “Trainwreck” in February, she set the tone for the poptastic journey she would then take us on. It is no wonder that she has already amassed over one million streams on Spotify alone.

To round this first step in her big journey up, the singer has decided to give us a little, almost three minute long treat just before the year ends.

Her latest release is titled “Just My Type” and is connected to her breakout hit “Wanna Be Bad”.

In a press release, KELLA explained that she “actually wrote ‘Just My Type’ before my previous release ‘Wanna Be Bad’, as we wanted it to be the beginning of the theme of forbidden attraction. Then we started thinking of the parallels to different situations in life: there’s always an attraction to begin with, but deep down we know that it’s not the healthiest choice”.

“Just My Type” is actually just the type of song we needed to close the year off: it is one of those tracks that just make you feel good and warm inside. It is like a piece of your favorite chocolate or a hot cup of tea on a cold winter day. “Just My Type” easily wraps you up in its sweet, pop-py embrace and holds you close.

Make the healthy choice by indulging in this sweet sweet track:

Watch the lyric video right here:

“Just My Type” was released today via Kella Music. It was written by KELLA and Massad; production was handled as usual by Johannes Andersson.

The song is now available for purchase and streaming on the digital retailer and streaming platform of your choice as of today. You can choose yours by clicking here.

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