Lani Renaldo wants you to stop playing those “Love Games”

We are all guilty of it. Swiping right just for a fun time and then ghosting someone when you realize things are going too far. Or dating multiple people at once to make sure you always have someone on the go. All those games we play, to make us feel better about ourselves, but have we ever thought about how it might affect the person on the other side? Love games aren’t fun to be a part of and Lani Renaldo wants you all to hear her story. The sultry new single “Love Games” features dream-like melodies, soaring synths and determined beats. Her velvet vocals narrates her own life events with dating and the discouraging feeling of being messed around with. 

Renaldo hopes that showing her own vulnerabilities might illustrate to others that we are all alike and experiencing the same things. “Love Games” is off of her upcoming EP NOHEARTBREAK2020, which further highlights the singer’s goals of encouraging listeners to be more accepting of themselves and the issues they are facing in life. She shares, “It’s for 20 somethings that are transitioning and going through a new phase in their life.” Renaldo’s music focuses on themes from sexuality, feminism and self-empowerment. Bursting with positive messages, Renaldo is advocating the true beauty in being at peace with yourself. 

The Los Angeles based musician absorbs elements from a plethora of artists ranging from Fleetwood Mac and Hayley Williams, to Post Malone and SZA. The diverse sonic palette is showcased throughout her music, giving audiences an insight into what a Lani Renaldo road trip playlist would consist of.

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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