Lauv releases the official short film for “Sims”

“Have you ever felt like you have different versions of yourself inside your head?” Personifying these multiple selves, Lauv presents to you with “Sims”, a short film accompanied by the song that takes you inside the mind of an individual who thinks and feels too much. As each stanza begins with ‘I wish’, seemingly synonymous to “what if”, the verses end with a disappointing rumination, followed by a wishful alternative.

The colorful web of thoughts triggers a symphony, aligning itself with every action that happens outside, and the reflection that follows inside. As we grow up and think more actively, we start taking in multiple perspectives, analyzing a variety of possibilities and thought processes that can be applied to a certain situation. Sometimes, these thoughts present themselves as a coherent pattern while at other times, emerge as a cacophony, a noisy humdrum that only leads to more chaos.

Each color depicted in the music video describes an aspect of Lauv’s personality, defeating the idea of the homogenous identity of an individual. Talking about his new concept and album, the singer-songwriter said in a statement:

“I created six different characters represented by purple (existential Lauv), blue (hopeless romantic Lauv), green (goofy Lauv), yellow (positive Lauv), orange (fuckboy Lauv) and red (spicy Lauv™?), all of which make up my identity. While my last project was focused on one aspect of my life, ~how i’m feeling~is the first time I’m embracing all the parts that make me who I am.”

The artist is reiterating the point we often seem to forget – each of us is unique in our own special way. A social animal that we are, each of us takes our time to show our ‘true colors’ and what we mean to one person can be completely different from what we mean to others. This variegated self makes us interesting.

Since his debut, Lauv has emerged out as an exceptional storyteller whose ability to depict emotions through immersive visual and sonic experiences makes him one-of-the-kind of an artist. A master craftsman of his art, Lauv with his songs be it “Paris in the Rain”, “I Like It Better”, “Sad Forever”, “Feelings” or “Sims”, turns the familiar subjects into a novel attraction, allowing his listeners to experience a refurbished feeling and the emotional appeal of his work possess an ability to touch everyone, irrespective of their age.

His album ~how i’m feeling~ will be available March 6, 2020. 

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Written by Ayushi

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