Loïc Nottet in the music video for "Mr/Mme" wearing a white oversized shirt looking off to the right located in Brussels.

Loïc Nottet Releases Instant Grat Single & Music Video “Mr/Mme”

Impactful, beautiful, charming, and visionary, these aren’t the only words we can come up with to describe Loïc Nottet’s awesome new instant grat single “Mr/Mme” and its accompanying music video, both of which was released just a few days ago. This follows up his single release “Heartbreaker“.

Loïc Nottet is best known for representing Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song “Rhythm Inside”, where he placed fourth with 217 points. Prior to Eurovision, he was a contestant on the third season of The Voice Belgique, where he came second; as for after Eurovision, he was a contestant on the sixth season of Danse avec les stars (the French version of Dancing With The Stars / Strictly Come Dancing), where he went on to win the show. He dropped his debut album Selfocracy in March 2017 which gained critical acclaim and was also named as one of our favourite albums of 2017, and now he’s gearing up to release his sophomore album, Sillygomania. The album was set to be released on 20 March 2020 but has been pushed back to 29 May. It will contain the singles “On Fire”, “29”, and “Heartbreaker” as well as his Halloween side singles Candy and “Doctor“. We expect he’ll drop at least one more instant grat single before the release date.

This new song is the last track on the album and, according to Spotify, has been written by Loïc Nottet and Léo Nocta, with the latter producing the track. The song is solely in French, becoming Loïc Nottet’s first French release, and gosh is it beautiful! As for the music video, it has been shot in the streets of Brussels (or Bruxelles as the video states), Belgium, presumedly before the lockdown, and has been directed by Hugo Jouxtel and produced by Julien Sultan-Fournier.

Watch Loïc Nottet’s Music Video For “Mr/Mme” Here:

This song is pure magic. On the first inspection, it looks like thoughts strewn on a page, yet Loïc Nottet tells stories, he always has and he always will, and this is one big story. Completely sung in French, he and Léo Nocta are lyrical geniuses, giving heart, emotion, and story in a winding path, whilst Loïc Nottet delivers with a gorgeous vocal. Through the help of Lyrics Translate, we know the song is about not being happy with his life and that he is done with the world – what a perfect time to release this track, what with COVID-19 currently affecting people around the world – and that he is struggling with a variety of things such as loneliness, love, self-love, and money. At times, it feels like an open letter to God, at other times he’s speaking to himself, recollecting his thoughts and feelings, opening himself to himself and in-turn to the listeners of this song. The English translation gives meaning, but that is already implied with the honesty and integrity displayed in his vocals during the track. Every time we hear this song, we just need silence for a few minutes to truly take in the way in which he sings it, with the simple but effective piano backing track. Simply beautiful, “Mr/Mme” strikes the hearts of all. It is a perfect track that not only runs emotionally deep but is also alluring to hear.

As for the music video, it’s shot in black and white while we follow Loïc Nottet walking around various streets in Brussels. There’s not a lot to this, but he’s passionate and determined within the visuals – that has been shot in one entire take. The ending sees him perform a freestyle dance to the backing track, allowing the song to fully sink into the viewer. It’s great to watch the people in the background, some do their best to get out of the way, others try not to look at the camera, and some are watching Loïc Nottet.

“Mr/Mme” is available to download and stream now via Sony Music Entertainment France. His sophomore album, Sillygomania, is set to be dropped on 29 May 2020.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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