Lucy & La Mer reminds us we’re all in this “Together”

Los Angeles folk/pop artist Lucy & La Mer sends a message to the people that we’re all in this together with her latest track. Her uplifting new visuals act as a reminder, that for the first time in history, everyone across the globe are experiencing the repercussions of these unprecedented times.

Isolating from our loved ones and forbidden to socialise leaves us feeling alone and Lucy wants to emphasize that more than ever before we are united. The inspiring “Together” delivers an upbeat, feel-good vibe, with toe-tapping rhythms and joyful melodies. 

The heart-warming visuals are a collection of videos and selfies from Lucy’s friends and frontline healthcare workers and they are sure to put a smile on your face. Dancing, singing and highlighting the small things that are getting them through these strange days, Lucy has created a collage radiating positivity and hope. Included in the video are famed Youtubers Gaby Dunn and Chris Villain as well as Twitch influencer Raquel Lily. 

Lucy shares in her press release, “I wanted to create something that would help us uplift and encourage each other. There’s a tremendous amount of good happening in the world right now. In the midst of the intense losses and surreal new normal, I think continuing to share our stories will alleviate the loneliness that many individuals are feeling at home. For me, my mental health struggled tremendously during the first few weeks of the stay-at-home regulation. By connecting with fans and friends to create this video, I felt more normal and less anxious. We’re all doing this together.”

So if you’re feeling down, then turn up the volume, get up off the couch and feel at ease with the sunny new single “Together.” Be sure to keep an eye on Lucy’s socials for any upcoming live-streaming events!

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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