Single cover artwork of "Break" by Luke Markinson which sees the singer shirtless wearing a denim jacket over black jeans which sit just below the white waistband of his Calvin Klein's. He's holding a rose up to his face, and there is a blue-orange ombre background.
Single cover artwork by Norrel Blair

Luke Markinson releases an authentic and honest track filled with self-reflection and emotion titled “Break”

Newly released this week, Luke Markinson brings to the table something raw, real, emotional, and self-fulfilling with the release of his new single “Break”. The track is a total tune that has certainly got stuck in our heads and has some incredible original breaks and beats that definitely make it a staple single. This follows up his collaboration with Glitch Gum on the track “Extrovert” which features Xander Lee.

Luke Markinson has already amassed thousands of streams on Spotify on top of thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok. He started off this year with an addicting musical bang with the release of his collaboration with Bryce Xavier, titled “Mirror Mirror“, and he continues to prove to be someone to watch in the coming years. His music has been featured by Charli XCX, editorial playlist Hyperpop, Arca’s Mutants Mixtape, and Nylon Mag also named his past single, “Out the Bed”, the best track of the week. Add on top, his incredible vocals and songwriting ability and we are definitely listening to a future star.

Written by Luke Markinson and produced by TikTok producer Ryan Hall, “Break” lives up to its name in a variety of different ways whilst keeping Luke Markinson’s instinctive sound. Pushing the boundaries of pop music and transferring it down a twisty path can make it difficult to navigate, yet this incredible artist not only does that but also pushes through infected beats and broken rhythm creating this enigmatic sound that you can’t help but love. With hints of inspired electronic and techno running throughout, “Break” really allows Luke Markinson to shine, making a huge impact with his gorgeous vocals which are full of emotional intensity. The lyrics paint the story of the passage of time as Luke Markinson starts describing how he overly cares about what others think, but his boyfriend teaches him to live authentically and true to himself, therefore creating a more fulfilling life for themselves. Add that romantic sentiment to the sexy single cover artwork which sees Luke Markinson shirtless, donning a denim jacket with a pearl-like necklace, black jeans just below the white waistband of his Calvin Kleins, and holding a red rose up to his face, and you can just feel the romance in that image alone, which only intensifies the track.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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