Margot Robbie Unleashes Her Inner Super villain at SNL

Saturday Night Live is back and it kicked off its 42nd season like a pro!

Last night’s premiere, hosted by Margot Robbie, offered their viewers everything to fit a wide variety of different tastes. From Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, celebrity family feud, in which Team Trump faced off against Team Clinton family debates, to Margot Robbie’s monologue about Jared Leto and her transformation to a sexy librarian, who in the end turned out to be a creepy creature from a sci-fi horror movie.

Talking about Margot, in a skit for SNL, the nerdy college guy Jeremy swoons over her beautiful character at the beginning of the sketch before his friends arrive and embarrass him in front of his crush.

“Hey Miss Dalton, Jeremy thinks you’re hot.”

That’s the exact moment when Robbie’s innocent and attractive character takes a seriously horrifying turn for the worse. The sexy librarian reveals her real teeth, starts tearing out her hair, eating a banana peel. And as if that would not be enough she shows her reptilian tongue, acidic saliva, and ends up…literally murdering someone.

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If you still don’t have an idea for a Halloween costume, Margot’s “sexy” librarian might just be a perfect option for you. We can guarantee, you will definitely stand out in a crowd of Harley Quinns!

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Written by Caroline

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