MAX Releases "Love Me Less" ft. Quinn XCII

MAX Releases “Love Me Less” ft. Quinn XCII

The new era is here! MAX has released his new single “Love Me Less” ft. Quinn XCII and we’re loving it! The first time we heard it, we fell in love with the beat and the story behind it.

We were invited to a special fan event held by MAX himself, where we got to listen to new music and learn a little bit about what the songs were about. At the event of 30 guests, (plus with his wife and parents) we were treated to hearing four new songs including “Love Me Less” before anyone else, a yellow rose, a yellow sleeping mask, a yellow note, and a meet and greet with MAX.

See below to read the note:

MAX explained at that event, how he wrote “Love Me Less” about a year after being married to his wife Emily. It’s about someone possibly loving you less once they find out about things from your past, a main one being an unhappy ex who suddenly popped up into MAX’s life.

This ex tried to get his wife deported since she was from England. (Hopefully as some sick joke, that clearly was not funny.) With lyrics like, “Would you love me less / If you knew the places that I’ve been / If you knew the damage that I did,” the song expresses the feeling of hoping that nothing from the past could ever ruin a current relationship. And it DID NOT ruin his. So don’t worry! These two are the most adorable couple on this planet.

MAX also released a very yellow video to go with the audio of “Love Me Less,” just so we have something to watch for now. But he’s working on an OFFICIAL VIDEO for us as well! We assume it’ll also be very yellow too.

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??”Love Me Less” feat. Quinn XCII out April 5th??

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We’re ready for new yellow merch MAX, and a possible tour? Hopefully?

We can’t wait to hear the rest of the new album! From what we’ve heard so far, we think you’re all going to absolutely love what he’s put together for all of us. He’s worked so hard on it, and you could see that in his eyes as he talked to everyone about it.

Music is a big part of his life, and we’re so thankful for that. Thank you for being such a lovely person, and for continuing to create such passionate music, MAX.

Listen to “Love Me Less” below:

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