Monoir & Alexandra Stan Team Up For New Single “Save The Night”

Another collaboration from Alexandra Stan, she’s seriously upping her game recently. This one is with Monoir who has had some incredible hits to date. “Save The Night” is everything we needed to hear and more so.

This is certainly a perfect team up, especially since this song is a banger of a tune. Monoir, whose real name is Cristian Tarcea, is a Romanian artist and producer. He previously went under the name of Chris Thrace and has remixed the likes of Inna’s “Heaven“, “Rendez Vous”, and “Yalla”, as well as produced Raluka’s “Ieri Erai” and remixed Alexandra Stan’s “Like A Virgin“. He has certainly been making a name for himself. Under Monoir, he has had hits with “The Violin Song” and “We Had Love”, the former of which has over 20 million views on YouTube.

As for Alexandra Stan, she went international with her amazing second single “Mr Saxobeat”. Since then she has released awesome songs in a variety of different languages and is gearing up to release her new album, which will feature singles “Boy Oh Boy” and “Noi 2“.

Watch Monoir & Alexandra Stan’s Music Video To “Save The Night” Here:

This magical song was written by the artists themselves. It’s a great relaxing track that helps music listeners adjust to the change in seasons. It has that majestic feeling to it, one that we could listen on repeat for days. Tranquility.

The music video definitely has the same vibe; it takes place in Santorini, Cyclades, Greece (known as Thíra, Kikadhes, in Greek). The opening scene sees Alexandra Stan walk past a few restaurants including The Cave of Stolidas, where Monoir is sitting. She talks to someone, asking for directions, and he follows her.

As she walks through the streets, she comes across another person, to who she also chats to. Monoir continues to follow. She then meets a young girl, who she shakes hands with before giving her a pin badge.

Alexandra Stan stumbles around as if she’s searching for something. She takes a seat, still looking, and Monoir appears right next to her. He gives her a beautiful pocket mirror, to which she looks at her reflection. She makes out that she’s found what she’s looking for, turns back to Monoir, but all that is left of him is his top hat.

This is a lovely music video with an epic tropical song. It hasn’t been released yet, so we’re expecting it to be out Friday; well, that’s what we’re hoping as we need this in our iTunes library and Spotify playlists.

What do you make of the Monoir & Alexandra Stan collaboration, titled “Save The Night”? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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