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New Music Round Up: 24/04/18

Welcome back to CelebMix’s New Music Round Up. We’ve taken a few weeks off but now we’re ready to spoil you with bundles of new songs that you really need to be listening to.

This week’s New Music Friday was one of the biggest yet, with pop princess Ariana Grande leading the way. She made her highly anticipated comeback on Friday with the incredible bop ‘No Tears Left To Cry’. This is her first new material since the tragic terrorist bombing which claimed the lives of 22 people outside her show at Manchester Arena in May 2017.

Liam Payne teamed up with J Balvin to release his new single, the Latin infused ‘Familiar’, whilst Billie Eilish and Khalid joined forces for the melancholic ‘lovely’. The Vamps released their latest bop ‘Hair Too Long’, whilst The Chainsmokers dropped another new offering in the form of ‘Somebody’ featuring Drew Love. After trolling from Mr Ed Sheeran, Anne-Marie gave us another taste of her new album in the form of ‘2002’.

New music also came from the likes of Sugarland featuring Taylor SwiftThe Shires, Jack & Jack, Jackson Wang, SJ Hill, Kit RiceCID, Bahary & The Flying Lizards, ManyFewState Champs, Barei, and Carly Gibson.

However, we’re not done just yet as we’ve got a few more offerings up our sleeve. Here’s eight more musical treats for your enjoyment.

Off Bloom – ‘Love Actually’

Anglo-British trio Off Bloom are back with their new self-effacing love song ‘Love Actually’, created with their good friend Vera.

Speaking about the track, they said: “The song is about being so in love it’s almost unhealthy, but you can’t help yourself from falling! The feeling that something is almost too good to be true and you’re slightly dreading what’s to come but feeling ecstatic at the same time. A time where everything is about sex and fighting and constantly trying to figure out what’s happening inside the other person’s head. The title is of course a ‘90s movies reference. When we wrote it we started listening to the stuff we grew up with in the ‘90s / early ‘00s – everything from Green Day to Natalie Imbruglia – and got SUPER inspired by the vibe. It felt like going back to a more ‘innocent’ time.”

Seeb – Nice To Meet You EP

Seeb may be best known for their iconic remix of Mike Posner’s ‘I Took A Pill in Ibiza’, but the Norwegian trio are a force to be reckoned with in their own right. They’ve just release their brand new EP Nice To Meet You, which features the lead single ‘Drink About’ featuring Dagny. The EP also includes collaborations with an eclectic mix of artists including Skylar Grey, Jay Sean, Goodito Frito, 11 LIT3S and Iselin.

Speaking about the EP, Seeb said: “We are very happy, excited and nervous to release our debut EP. It has been a fun and very rewarding process to get this EP together, working with so many talented friends from around the world – from fellow Norwegians Dagny and Iselin, to Jay Sean and Skylar Grey.”

Bad Decisions – ‘Too High’

‘Too High’ is the new single from Australian duo Bad Decisions, made up of Cameron Breen and Andrew Ghisoni.

Speaking about the addictive EDM track, they said: “‘Too High’ is definitely about
having a good time, being yourself and not caring what anyone thinks about it. Nobody
should be ashamed of themselves for having fun”

Jordan Jay – ‘Treat You Right’

Dutch producer Jordan Jay is back with a punchy new house offering called ‘Treat You Right’, out now via Future House Music.

Speaking about the track, Jordan said: “After what I thought was time being wasted, ‘Treat You Right’ is comprised of 5 separate tracks that I ended up throwing in the trash because I couldn’t get them where I wanted them to be. At some point I took all the elements I did like, and forged those into one track. For me, TYR really stands for perseverance.”

Southchurch – ‘Fading’

Southend four-piece Southchurch are back with their new single, ‘Fading’, which has already received support from Radio 1 by being featured as Record of the Day.

Speaking of the dancefloor banger, the band explain: “Although the track is an upbeat dance record the meaning is slightly more sinister. The song is about loneliness after a misguided, pretentious situation and the thought behind the video was to highlight the rose tinted meaning to the song. Ultimately, we wanted our listeners and viewers to take two different outlooks away from the song and video, is their glass half full or half empty?”

Anna Leone – Wandered Away EP

Swedish songstress Anna Leone has unveiled her highly anticipated EP, Wandered Away, which features the recent single ‘If You Only’. The breathtaking five-track offering allows Anna to showcase her stunning vocal and songwriting ability, making her one to watch within the industry.

Speaking about the EP, in which Anna bares her soul, she said: “I think the EP’s a good reflection of my last few years, even though I never really tried to shape it into something coherent. Not all of the songs were written at the same time but they still manage to exist in the same universe very naturally and have a lot of themes in common. Most of them dealing with finding yourself and your place in the world. Which I’ve been trying to do for a while. I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with the same group of people in the studio, which has made the recorded songs feel even more like a specific moment in time.”

Daniel Briskin – ‘Colder Homes’

Despite his young age, 16-year-old Daniel Briskin has already crafted an eclectic sound that’s finessed by his soothing R&B vocal. His latest single, ‘Colder Homes’, which features up and coming rapper Alista Marq, is a hazy R&B offering about young love.

Encouraging listeners to create their own meaning to the song, Daniel said: “I don’t like it when artists tell you how you should feel in a song. I try to keep things balanced between the vague and specific so people can form their own opinions on the songs. I think that’s missing in pop culture today. Everything is loaded with messages.”

Odette – ‘Take It To The Heart’

‘Take It To The Heart’ is the new track from Sydney singer-songwriter Odette, taken from her hotly anticipated debut album To A Stranger, which is due for release on July 6.

Odette describes ‘Take It To The Heart’ as her “revenge song”. She said, “I think everyone should have one. It’s not so much revenge in the sense that you will for or enact pain on another person, more so you realise that through your own personal growth they can never hurt you again. It’s one of the only songs I’ve written which is solely about feeling powerful again.”

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Written by Katrina Rees

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