Photo Gallery: MAX Sells Out The 'House Of Divine Tour' in NYC

Photo Gallery: MAX Sells Out The ‘House Of Divine Tour’ in NYC

On November 13th, MAX brought the House Of Divine Tour to New York City at Irving Plaza. He SOLD OUT the show, which was also the biggest headline show of his life and in his hometown. It was definitely one to remember, and very well deserved.

Out of all the concerts I’ve been to and all the artists I’ve met, MAX is one of the nicest artists out there. Every single time I met him, he remembers who I am. And it isn’t just me and my blue hair. He remembers so many others too! It shocks me how someone can travel the world and still remember so many faces. It just goes to show you how important his fans mean to him.

On this tour, MAX couldn’t speak aside from being on stage for medical reasons. So during the meet and greets, he couldn’t speak. But that didn’t stop him from making them extra special. You can see and feel his excitement along with the fan’s on anything that fans posted online from the meet and greet.

I had the chance to meet him another time recently at a secret show, also during his vocal rest. Since he couldn’t speak, he showed exactly how excited he was to see me. He even showed that he STILL remembered me and gave me the biggest hug ever. Let’s just say, he showed he cared without speaking more than artists who CAN speak during a meet and greet. And that says a lot.

With special guests like Joey Bada$$, Hoodie Allen, and Emily (Max’s wife), the crowd kept being filled with more and more excitement. Here’s a beautiful clip featuring the crowd being MAX’s choir, along with Emily making an appearance during “Lights Down Low.” After all, the song is about her. (Watch till the end! <3)

This was the last day of this tour, but to see where MAX tours next, click HERE.

Check out our photos below:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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