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Pretty Little Liars announces Season 7 premiere date

It was announced this week that Pretty Little Liars will be returning on the 21st of June – rejoice! We last saw the girls along with Caleb, Ezra and Toby in despair as Hanna Marin fake sacrificed herself for “A-Moji” aka the new villain: Big Bad A.

Even five years on, the girls were once again caught up in trouble after the new “A” was convinced they had information about who killed Charlotte “CeCe” DiLaurentis. Everyone’s plan to trick “A” into believing Hanna was ready to confess to knowing information suddenly took a u-turn when Hanna suddenly disappeared. Next thing we know, the episode ends with Hanna’s being dragged along floor unconscious.

Pretty Little Liars

Now, we won’t give away the entire ending of last season’s episode in case you need to catch up! However, we will tell you that the liars need to act fast in order to save poor Hanna!

The long awaited Season 7 premiere teaser mainly focused around everyone in a bit of a panic. It begins with shovel to the ground and a distressed and muddy looking Aria saying “How could we let this happen?”. Uh-oh. It’s not looking promising for Hanna, is it? A few clips are shown with characters such as Emily crying and Caleb looking concerned. It ends with Spencer stating “It was a well thought out plan. When it ends like this…it’s called murder”. Okay…it’s not looking promising at all for Hanna who didn’t appear at all in the teaser. Or could this just be a clever ploy by the editors and Hanna is alive and well? Yes, please!

On a happier note and ending on a positive, from the teaser, it looks like the dream team that is #Ezria (Aria and Ezra) are back at it again. Although, it’s no wonder when they ended Season 6 like this.

Pretty Little Liars

Don’t forget to catch the Season 7 premiere of the show on the 21st June on Freeform!

We at CelebMix cannot wait for more PLL action in our lives!

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