Pretty Little Liars Reached A New Level Of Crazy

As another season of Pretty Little Liars draws to an end, so does a level of our sanity.

The season 6B finale saw so many truth bombs being set off, we were sure that Rosewood was going to explode from all this information. And with so many old ships re-kindling, our hearts couldn’t take it.

So incase you missed any of the major moments from the finale, we’ll list them all below for you to process at your own pace.




Ezria’s Love Scene

Pretty Little Liars Reached A New Level Of Crazy 1






Every Ezria shipper could be heard screaming during this steamy scene. Even though it all came after talking about his ex-girlfriend, we still sort of loved this. Pretty Little Liars producer Marlene King even said the scene “reminded me of the pilot, how those two just cannot deny each other.” Does this mean that Ezra and Aria are the shows endgame?

Hanna and Caleb Broke Our Hearts

Pretty Little Liars Reached A New Level Of Crazy 2

“I never stopped loving you” is the new slogan for the Haleb Train. When the flashback began explaining what caused the breakup of one of the most loved couples in the series, we knew we were destined to cry. Caleb found out that Hanna didn’t really want to leave him alone for their long awaited Europe trip, but she just came back too late. Timing is a funny thing for these two.

Alison Thinks She’s Going Mad

Pretty Little Liars Reached A New Level Of Crazy 3

Ali has been through hell and back. With the death of her mother, sister and being missing for years, we thought she had finally found peace. But this is PLL, and nobody gets cut a break. After seeing her deceased mother and a rather rugged Wilden, Ali decided she needed to get treatment for her ‘hallucinations.’ Our heart is breaking for Alison.

Is Hanna Dead?

Pretty Little Liars Reached A New Level Of Crazy 4







We question it, because you never know with Pretty Little Liars. After a genius plan was made by the Liars, it turned sour as Hanna went missing. As the finale ended, Hanna’s body was dragged across the scene, lifeless.  Surely our favourite fashionista hasn’t been killed, right?

And probably the biggest reveal that PLL have ever had..

Mrs DiLaurentis Has A Twin

Pretty Little Liars Reached A New Level Of Crazy 5







After years of teasing from Marlene King, we finally have the twin reveal that we have been dying for. Mrs D has an identical twin. In an intense reveal, Alison’s husband Elliot and Mary Drake, Mrs Ds twin, reveal that they are working together.

If that wasn’t enough to mush your brain, another major truth was announced. Elliot and Charlotte were together before she died.



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