Q&A: DVBBS chat viral single ‘GOMF’, Casey Frey and exciting upcoming features

As DVBBS’ latest single ‘GOMF’ continues to make the rounds on its viral trip across the internet, the producing duo prepare for some of their most exciting releases yet. They talk to CelebMix…

Q: Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to chat to CelebMix. What are you up to today? 

A: What up friends! Today is the start of our European tour – I just landed in Amsterdam and tomorrow we have our first show in Finland.

Q: You’ve have a new single out since May, ‘GOMF’, which has gone pretty viral! How did the track come about? 

A: We wrote that record with one of our good friends, Bridge, back in LA. Every time we work together it’s just on some homie s**t, we sit back and just cook up music for fun with amazing energy. We appreciate you guys taking the time to listen – it’s been a summer slammer for a lot of people which is so dope to me cause this record was an experimental one. Just goes to show you that working outside your element can spark some new energy in the industry.

Q: It also got picked up by Vine sensation Casey Frey! How did you react when you saw his video? 

A: Casey to me, is one of the funniest humans on the planet hands down. So when it hit me that he not only did this incredible addicting dance but with a full message behind his video – it truly blew my mind. It also opened my mind up to how body movement and good music is a deadly combo.

Q: Casey has some pretty good moves… have any of you tried to re-create the video yet? 

A: When he showed up for the music video he started teaching us the choreo step by step. It was hilarious because we are so bad at dancing, but practice makes perfect, right?

Q: There was even a flash mob dancing in New York City. How cool is it seeing your track reach so many people in different ways? 

A: It’s the best feeling in the world – 2019 has been focused on going back to our dance roots, but with another flavor to it. So to see a sound that’s almost like this new wave you created being recreated by other amazingly talented artists and dancers, is just so amazing and makes everything so worth it.

Q: A lot of people probably know you from your breakthrough banger ‘Tsunami’ with Tinie Tempah. How was it seeing that track become such a huge thing and how is that comparable, if at all, to the success of GOMF? 

A: Tsunami came out first and then re-released with Tinie Tempah in the UK when it hit #1. It is a nostalgic record, a lifer, so it will always be that wave that keeps us surfing through life & was the first thing that put all eyes on us. Even though we worked so hard for 2-years before that, this was the true start for DVBBS. It also had like two lyrics in the whole song, so to see something that just made the world erupt solely off a beat is pretty insane. GOMF and everything we are doing in 2019, is much more experimental paired with fully structured written vocals. We have always loved seeing where we can push boundaries genre-wise because that’s what gets people excited.

Q: You’ve been teasing some new music too. What’s next in the plans for DVBBS?

A: We have new music coming in August and I’m bringing back my vocals on this one. It’s been awhile since I’ve sung on a DVBBS track and this one is a big vibe, definitely a good way to remember 2019.

Q: CelebMix has heard you’ve landed some pretty big collaborations too! Are you excited to see fans react to the upcoming features? 

A: Absolutely, we took 5 months off and basically lived in the studio. We had some of the best artists, DJs, and rappers in the world coming by our house and just working with nothing but good energy and a love for music…that right there is the recipe for a hit.

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Written by Toby Bryant

CelebMix writer and lover of all things pop music.

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