Still from "Liar Liar" music video where Relley C is wearing sunglasses and leaning against a piano.

Relley C Drops Music Video For Emotional Track “Liar Liar”

We have a new music video from Relley C, for her song “Liar Liar”, and we have to admit that this is one of her best if not, the best she’s ever released to-date. The song comes from her latest EP, We’ve All Been There, which she followed up with her latest single “Long Distance” that she dropped in May.

Relley C, full name Sherelle Clarke-Samuels, is best known for being a contestant on The X Factor. She competed in series 10 and series 13, in the former she made it to Judges’ Houses before being sent home; but, in the latter, she made it to the live shows and came tenth overall. She has since gone on to release four singles, her debut being “Unruly”, her sophomore single being “Tell Me That“, 2019’s “Complicated”, and this year’s “Long Distance”, as well as her debut EP Square One and her sophomore EP, We’ve All Been There.

The music video visuals come from Sagar Gautam (Sagar_Gaut) and it really is incredible from start to finish. The narrative starts the video off with Relley C’s love interest flirting with another woman on the sofa in their apartment, and Relley C comes home to find him with her. Relley C ends up kicking him out of the apartment, and the rest of the video is full of interesting visuals of their broken relationship in their home – which gives such a powerful vibe. Add this perfect narrative to Relley C’s incredible energy in the recording studio, at the piano, and within the apartment, and we have an absolutely brilliant music video that accompanies the track amazingly. We could so watch this again and again. It really showcases Relley C in the best light, and she’s definitely a rising star that we all need to keep watching!

Watch Relley C’s Music Video For “Liar Liar” Here:

In our EP review of We’ve All Been There, we said: “Probably one of the strongest tracks on this EP purely because of her vocal ability, ‘Liar Liar’ shines in every single way. Relley C digs deep from the get-go, showing off her soulful capabilities and her realness in every single way. It’s a catchy, rhythmic beat that definitely deserves a remix, whilst Relley C delves into the lyrics about her partner cheating on her and deciding that she can’t have a liar by her side or lying in her bed. Lyrically, it’s beautiful with some great lines and some brilliant scenes, whilst this singer/songwriter gives perfect energy. We’d love to see a music video for this track, and we bet Relley C brings it on stage when singing this song.”

We guess she listened to us since there is now this music video to this track and we absolutely love it! We knew this song would lead to a brilliant visual! We can’t wait to see what Relley C does next.

“Liar Liar”, by Relley C, is available to download and stream right now as part of her EP, titled We’ve All Been There.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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