Shawn Mendes Drops “Don’t Be A Fool”

Yes, you read the title correctly and we know exactly how you feel right now. Shawn Mendes has just dropped another track from his upcoming studio album “Illuminate”, and can we just say we’re extremely excited to hear the rest of this album? The more tracks that we listen to, the more our patience wears thin.

We’re counting down the days until September 23rd, where we will finally be able to hear the album in full; but for right now we’ve got his newly released track “Don’t Be A Fool” to jam out to. Let’s just say we’re absolutely in love with the new song (as we are with all of his songs); it sent serious chills down our spines.

Shawn never fails to impress us with his talent and his voice; you can hear the passion and the raw emotion throughout the entire song.

We can tell that he wanted this album to reflect himself as a person and musician, his maturity, and that he wanted this album to be something special.

We haven’t even listened to the entire album yet and we know this album will be something special. Which is exactly why we can’t wait for the release of this album any longer. Seriously, we might just explode.

Don’t Be A Fool is the perfect slow song to listen to if you’re feeling the vibe, or you can even listen to it to help you fall asleep.

The song is that amazing.

Have you listened to Shawn’s new song “Don’t Be A Fool”? What are you waiting for?! If you’ve preordered “Illuminate” on iTunes, you can now listen to the new track.

Or if you’re unable to, you can listen to it via the Spotify link down below!

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Written by Ellie Doe-Demosse

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