Photo Credit: Ralph Larmann0
Photo Credit: Ralph Larmann

Show Review: “Game of Thrones” Live Concert, Jiffy Lube, VA

The “Game of Thrones” live concert experience is one die-hard fans won’t want to miss out on!

Game of Thrones Live Concert, Photo Credit: Ralph Larmann
Game of Thrones Live Concert, Photo Credit: Ralph Larmann

With the finale of the show earlier this year, the live-concert experience feels like the best way to pay homage to the eight-season mega-series and the insane cultural impact it had on the world.

And this experience does it’s best to make fans feel completely emerged in music, video and the unique GOT environment we’ve come to love.

The entire show’s focus is a retelling of all eight seasons — it’s the Sparksnotes version of the show. While the entire thing seems improbable to those of us who spent weeks crying over this show, the orchestra and choir bring this story to life while never feeling rushed or confusing.

The show incorporates video, a choir, several orchestra soloists and amazing pyrotechnics. Simply put: this is a celebration of Game of Thrones.

It brings together massive fans from all over the world — and the fans are both in the audience and the stage.

A wonderfully stunning and hair-raising experience, Game of Thrones Live feels like a necessary event for fans of the show — it’s an homage to the show.

We were completely obsessed with the entire thing!

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