Supernatural: Season 11 Recap

It’s finally October 13th. For some, the date is just another day. For others, it’s the return of something phenomenal. Something incredible. Something involving a should-be-dead-but-somehow-alive Dean Winchester, a wounded little brother, an angel in MIA, and a mother, like her son, that should be dead but is somehow alive.

If you haven’t guessed it… October 13th signifies the end of the hellatus and the return of Supernatural.

Audiences were left with more than a few cliffhangers when the show’s eleventh season ended. A lot went down in the finale, and while everyone wanted answers straight away, they were put on hold when the season concluded.

Luckily, after a long wait, all those burning questions will finally be answered today. However, it’s been a while. So if you’re wondering what the hell happened last season… We are going to give you a quick recap of what’s been going on, starting…

We’ll make it as quick and painless as we possibly can.

For a couple of seasons, Dean Winchester was stuck with something pretty shitty: The Mark of Cain. While it did produce an attractive Demon!Dean for a short while, many fans weren’t fond of it. The reasons were obvious. The Mark not only drove the brothers apart, but it tore at both of them. Dean was becoming someone he simply wasn’t, and Sam not only had to watch, but he had to struggle to find a way to fix it. This resulted in more than a few bad incidents, including the death of their close friend, Charlie Bradbury.

(Yeah, we’re still pissed about that.)

Charlie’s death brought things from pretty friggin bad to downright horrible. Dean’s condition worsened, and that incident and the Mark eventually led to something no one thought they’d see; the older Winchester trying to kill Sam.

Gratefully, that didn’t happen. At last minute, Dean decided to kill Death instead. Yeah, you heard us; Dean killed actual Death.

Shortly after that, the older hunter’s curse was finally lifted… except, of course, it wouldn’t be Supernatural if there wasn’t some type of twist. While Dean was finally freed of the Mark of Cain’s control, it released a powerful force that would be later known as God’s sister; Amara, aka, The Darkness.

From the very beginning, it was clear that this woman wasn’t playing games. Her smog from her appearance caused a lot of problems. While Dean was ultimately spared, it turned people into chaotic, heartless, and evil beings who wanted nothing but destruction.

After Sam was infected, he managed to find the cure; Holy Fire. Because, of course, they’d never let one of the main characters die.

Okay, that’s not necessarily true, but the moment didn’t call for another death.

He didn’t just randomly find the cure, though. The Winchester, despite all he’d been told, looked to God for guidance. Barely any time after that, he was bombarded with a vision of him in Hell. It wasn’t the first time Sam suffered a vision, and it most definitely wouldn’t be the last.

Meanwhile, it was learned that Amara wasn’t actually a woman. She came to Earth in human baby form, and after Crowley got to her, it was seen that she didn’t take long to grow. She’s like Renesmee in Twilight; it only takes a matter of months for her to grow, instead of the usual years.

Despite Amara being in human form, she doesn’t exactly eat cereal for breakfast. Her diet is much more… painful. Instead of Cheerios or Lucky Charms, she lived off of human souls. This makes whoever the person she performs it on into another RoboSam.


Dean tried to stop her, but there was a problem; there was a strong bond between him and The Darkness, and it definitely wasn’t as cute as the one he shares with Castiel. It kept him from doing anything bad to her, which meant one thing: Dean couldn’t kill her. Hell, he couldn’t even harm her.

Again; awesome.

Speaking of Castiel, the angel wasn’t left in the greatest of places. Rowena put a spell on him in the tenth season, causing him to lash out and attack innocent people.

The Winchesters ultimately got Rowena to reverse it, but it definitely wouldn’t be the worst of Cas’ problems within season eleven.

Much like always, the brothers still set out on regular cases. “MOTW” episodes, to be exact. Still, despite the slight change of format, no one was out of danger.

Sam soon revealed that, of course, his visions hadn’t stopped. He believed that God was trying to send him a message Dean nor any fan wants to hear; that he needed to return to Hell. And eventually, things turned for the worst and just that happened.

After a plan to simply talk to Lucifer about Amara went wrong, Sam ended up back in the cage. And not only that, but it was revealed that God hadn’t been sending him any messages.

Because of Amara being set free, Lucifer was able to find a loophole. The devil, not God, was the one sending all those messages to Sam’s head.

Could it get any more awesome?

Yeah. It’s not a bright time, either. Because Sam continued to refuse to be Lucifer’s vessel, as he needed permission since technically he’s an angel, and the devil resorted to torturing him.

Dean didn’t learn about it until later, because again, he was in a standoff with Amara. Their meetups never really went anywhere. With the bond between them, they couldn’t do much to each other.

However, when Dean did find out, he didn’t just let it slide like he would’ve when he was a demon. No, he went all big brother and got himself to Hell with Cas. There, Team Free Will had a throwdown with Satan.

They managed to get Sam out, but it wasn’t without consequence. Remember when we said Rowena’s spell wasn’t the worst of Castiel’s problems?

While Sam refused to say yes, Castiel didn’t.

The Winchesters didn’t learn about it until much later. When Dean was brought back in time to look for a weapon, ‘Cas’ hung out with Sam. After weird behavior, the Winchester learned who it really was and Lucifer, dubbed ‘Casifer’, had no problem shoving his hand into Sam’s chest and messing around with his soul.

Dean got to hear the news as soon as he returned.

Much like expected, having Lucifer out of the cage wasn’t turning out well. Without any remorse, he made Crowley his pet and killed his mother. Although, like Cas wanted, he did try to kill Amara. However, even with the power of God himself inside him, she was undefeatable.

Things, again, slowly got worse. Amara’s smog returned, and it affected a whole bunch of people… including Sam, once again (they can never leave him alone, can they?). But hey, this led to the discovery of something everyone had been wondering about.

Yes, the friggin Samulet, which began to glow after Dean took it out of Sam’s pocket.

Way back during the beginning of the Apocalypse, Castiel claimed the Samulet was worth much more than thought. He said it was able to track God. It turned out he was right. After Dean and Sam headed outside, the world at least temporarily cleared of Amara’s smog, they were met face-to-face with someone quite familiar.

Remember Chuck Shurley, the writer of all the Supernatural books? Well, he’s not just some author. He’s actually God.

Yeah, God.

But as it turned out, even God wasn’t powerful enough to kill Amara. The woman just wouldn’t be destroyed. She actually had enough power to throw a powerful attack on Chuck, causing him to weaken exponentially.


Still, according to Chuck, she wasn’t indestructible. The opposite of her, light, apparently had the ability to end her. There was just one problem; it had to be in the form of a bomb. And this bomb, unfortunately, had to resonate inside of Dean Winchester.

Aka, it was a suicide mission.

Dean agreed to put an end to it, despite the task inevitably killing him, which led to a couple of unbaringly sad goodbyes.

Cas even offered to come with him.

But again, there’s always a twist. While many seasons end with one of the Winchester’s death, it didn’t quite turn out that way.

After a long talk with both Dean and Chuck, Amara decided to end her wrath. Just like that. Chuck removed the bomb from Dean’s chest and they disappeared, which, you know, is so better than having the oldest Winchester go kaboom.

This should’ve been a happy ending. It seemed like it would be that way, considering Dean survived. However, we all know it’s never that easy.

Back at the bunker, Sam and Cas got into their own trouble. On top of grieving, some British Woman of Letters decided to pop in. Not only did she banish Castiel, but after Sam claimed she wouldn’t shoot him, she friggin did.

Dean, on the other hand, had a bit better of an experience. He got to escape death, and Amara decided to leave him a little present.

Yeah, Mary Winchester. His supposed-to-be-dead mom.

It’s a lot to stomach. Especially when Supernatural decided to cut off there, leaving many agnoizing cliffhangers for everyone.

What the hell happened to Sam? Where is Cas? What does Mary remember? 

It was one hell of a hellatus.

So, hopefully, most of those questions will be answered tonight. Supernatural returns at 9PM/8PM central on The CW. With everything that’s currently going on, it’s sure to be an interesting and bumpy ride.

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Written by Jessica Brown

A college graduate who enjoys watching Supernatural, attending conventions and concerts, taking photos, and writing to the masses. Email me at jesslaurenb@yahoo.com.