The Darkness Is Here

A few days ago the trailer for the CW’s, “Supernatural” was released. Season 10 ended with the main characters Sam and Dean killing Death, Castiel getting cursed by Rowena, and Dean’s Mark of Cain being cast off his arm resulting in The Darkness. The last scene shown was Sam and Dean in their Impala getting trapped in the cloud of Darkness, and much was left to the imagination.

With the trailer for Season 11 now being released it is raising even more questions such as:

What is wrong with Castiel, and can Rowena’s curse be lifted to save him?

What is the vein type pattern on Sam’s neck and is it a result of The Darkness?

Finally everyone’s burning question: What exactly IS The Darkness because all we currently know is it is prebiblical and predates God (Chuck).

One of the opening scenes in the trailer is Sam calling out for Chucks help in a prayer, will God be an active player in the season to come?

Stay tuned for the premiere of Supernatural on the CW October 7th, 2015 at 9/8c.

The trailer can be watched from here.




Written by CelebMix