‘The Mindy Project’ is not going ANYWHERE!

*If you haven’t seen all three seasons, beware. This contains spoilers.*

If you are a lover of damn-good series, you probably know about The Mindy Project. Basically, it tells the story of Mindy Lahiri, a romantically frustrated OB/GYN living in New York City.

In the series, we could see how she explores her life along with her co-workers as she tries to balance her life and career. Along the first three seasons – and after a roller coaster of emotions – finally, Mindy Lahiri and Danny Castellano – one of Mindy’s co-workers – get together.

'The Mindy Project' is not going ANYWHERE! 1

Earlier this summer, we found out that FOX was cancelling The Mindy Project series after three seasons, even after the last episode leaving the series in a huge cliffhanger when Danny travels to India to finally meet Mindy’s parents.

We were ready to take out tissues and start crying but then, Hulu came to the rescue.

On May 15th, Hulu decided to pick up the show and if it wasn’t enough, they decided to give us 26 episodes for the fourth season. EXSQUEEZE ME?! *reference there*

And even if we were just thankful for the series all alone, the idea of Hulu getting the series, promises a few things.

'The Mindy Project' is not going ANYWHERE! 2

For example, Mindy is NOT changing; that means, we get the same quirky Mindy Lahiri, just as we all love her. High-five for that!

Now that the show is not on network television, the show promises to get a little more edgy with the boundaries. But even then, the show will continue with Mindy handling her pregnancy and Danny Castellano accepting Mindy’s requirements – such as, meeting her parents.

And now that we know Hulu is the hero of the summer, we are ready for new brand episodes. The Mindy Project will start streaming on September 15th, so be ready to watch the first episode with us!

Written by CelebMix