Watch: Jimmy Fallon’s lip sync battle with Seth Rogen

It just might be our favourite segment on late night television: Jimmy Fallon’s lip sync battles. Melissa McCarthy set the bar ridiculously high a few months ago with her rendition of ‘Colours of the Wind’ that went completely viral, but Seth Rogen clearly doesn’t mind a challenge and joined Jimmy for some lip-syncing last night.

Watch: Jimmy Fallon and Melissa McCarthy’s lip sync battle

It was Jimmy’s turn to start and he chose to open the battle with a true summer jam: Kent Jones’ ‘Don’t Mind’, including some rather inventive choreography in his performance. However nice those dance moves were, Seth Rogen was supremely unimpressed. He upped his game by opting to lip sync to ‘Mellow Man’, a song from none other than The Roots, embracing the possibility of lip syncing to a live song instead of a playback track.

Up next was Jimmy’s second song. He conveniently picked a rap song, ‘Slam’ by Onyx, which gave him all the opportunity he needed to vent his anger over the Roots’ betrayal. After this rather intense performance, Seth allowed everyone to catch their breath a bit by choosing Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ as his second song, rivalling Drizzy’s dancing skills. Jimmy was left with no other choice than to announce Seth Rogen as the winner of this lip sync battle and we have to say, we agree.

You can watch the full battle for yourself below. Let us know what you think of the song choices over on Twitter at @CelebMix! Who do you hope to see on Jimmy’s lip sync battle next?




Written by CelebMix