Alexandra Stan Has Dropped The Second Teaser For “Boy Oh Boy”

“Boy Oh Boy”, the new single from Alexandra Stan, will be released in two days.

Teasing us once again, Alexandra Stan has released a second clip of her new music video for “Boy Oh Boy”; which will be released on 30 June 2017. We presume that this song is set to be the first single from her upcoming fourth studio album.

Advancing on from the previous teaser that she dropped; this one gives us more of an insight into what the song is going to sound like. It was directed by Bogdan Paun. NGM Creative was the people behind the video; and, Alexandru Mauresan acted as director of photography. The new song was written by Alexandra Stan, Marius Mirica, and Andy Grasu.

Watch Alexandra Stan’s Second Teaser For “Boy Oh Boy” Here:

This teaser reveals some lyrics, which we haven’t heard before. The song is clearly in style with her previously released music; but, there is a clear progression as she takes on a whole new direction.

The music video was filmed in Kuala Lumpur, Malasia. This clip is just 17 seconds long, even shorter than the 25-second-teaser we previously received. We see more profile shots of Alexandra Stan, mainly of her singing the song, which we didn’t get in the other teaser.

She has released a load of teasing Instagram photos when she was recording the video and has recently dropped some new ones, to add to the excitement of this new single.

View Alexandra Stan’s New Instagram Photos Below:

Morning, guys! #BoyOhBoy is almost here ? #BOB #4days #30thJune #countdown #newvideo #newsingle?

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? Go #now on my #YouTube channel and hit the button #subscribe! ? #BOB #countdown #BoyOhBoy #30thJune ? Link in bio ?

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No shoes allowed ? #BOB #countdown #3days #30thJune #BoyOhBoy #newsingle #newvideo

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#BOB, tell me that you #love me ? #lyrics #BoyOhBoy #3days #30thJune #countdown #newsingle #newvideo ???

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#BoyOhBoy, you must be ready ? I am ? ? #BOB #2days #30thJune #countdown #newsingle #newvideo

A post shared by Alexandra Stan (@alexandrastantheartist) on

Crazy memories from #KualaLumpur where #BOB was shot ? #2days #BoyOhBoy #30thJune #newvideo #newsingle #countdown ??

A post shared by Alexandra Stan (@alexandrastantheartist) on

Waiting for #BOB like ?? #BOB #BoyOhBoy #newsingle #soon #2days #30thJune

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