EP REVIEW: Kevin McGuire’s ‘Foreign Country’

We review Kevin McGuire’s debut EP.

Yesterday we brought you the world exclusive first play of UK country artist Kevin McGuire’s new single ‘Alright, Tonight!’ which will be officially released on April 7th, and today we review the rising stars debut EP ‘Foreign Country’.

The LP features five original tracks including the aforementioned ‘Alright, Tonight!, and McGuire’s debut single ‘3am‘ which was released last year and reached number 3 on the official iTunes UK Country Chart, proving that he has an extremely bright future in the music industry.

Listening to the EP it is hard to believe it is his debut release, the songs are so polished and accomplished you would swear that it is fourth or fifth record. Kevin McGuire’s vocals are so strong, clear and authentically country, you’d never guess by his tone that he is from Scotland, he sounds so authentic you would think he is a Nashville native.

The standout song on the 5 track EP is the stunning ‘Late’, which is about not wanting to fall as hard for someone. The EP has all the ingredients to make a huge splash on the country charts, and McGuire’s vocals are definitely strong enough to crossover into the mainstream.

‘Easy Love’ shows another side to the latest UK based country artist making waves. It’s a beautiful ballad about friends turning to lovers. It is simply sublime, and Kevin’s vocals sound so raw and emotional.


The full tracklist for ‘Foreign Country’ is as follows:

Alright, Tonight!


I Belong With


Easy Love

‘Foreign Country’ will be released April 7th!

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