YouTuber of the Week: Dodie Clark a.k.a doddleoddle

Welcome back to CelebMix’s YouTuber of the Week! If you’re new here, this is a weekly feature where we introduce you to some of our favourite content creators on the platform, and fill you in on why you should be watching their videos. Last week we talked about the talented Nikkie Tutorials. Now, introducing the current YouTuber of the Week: Dodie Clark, also known as doddleoddle!

YouTuber of the Week: Dodie Clark (Doddleoddle) 2

Who is Dodie Clark?

Dodie Clark is a British musician and vlogger who is most well known for her original songs, covers, and chatty-style vlogs. She has two channels, doddleoddle, her music channel, and doddlevloggle, her vlog/everything else channel.

She is also involved in some awesome projects outside of YouTube! Dodie is a presenter for a weekly show on CokeTV, which gives her the opportunity to do some crazy things, like white water rafting and skydiving! As well as many of her own successful gigs, Dodie supported fellow musician Bry on his tour last year. More recently, she went on the Transatlantic Tour with Tessa Violet, Rusty Clanton, and Jon Cozart this spring, and the same group is hitting the road again this month! Dodie has also hinted about an upcoming, long-awaited debut EP, featuring a mix of new and old songs.

Why should you watch her videos?

One of the reasons so many people love Dodie is her music, of course! On doddleoddle, she posts high-quality content that she clearly puts lots of effort into. It is mostly a variation of covers, original songs, and musical collaborations with her friends. Dodie always manages to put a creative spin on her musical videos, so it’s never boring or repetitive. Even her sponsored videos, which you might not typically expect to be interesting, have original ideas and the same effort put into them, to ensure everyone enjoys them.

Dodie’s musical talent is vast and unique. She can play a variety of different instruments, including ukulele, guitar, piano, clarinet, and even a bit of saxophone! She incorporates as many as she can into her regular videos, and always makes it look effortless. Her voice is something special as well. She has an angelic, soft tone, and sings very well in her low and mid-range. The backing harmonies she often adds to her videos are breathy and beautiful. We can’t wait until she releases her EP so we can see more of her musical talent!

Doddlevloggle has a wider style of videos. There are covers, like Panic! At The Disco’s Miss Jackson and Ariana Grande’s Problem. There are traditional vlog-style videos that feature Dodie talking about something on her mind, like why she misses school or how she’s really scared of dying. Of course, there’s plenty of fun collaborations with her friends, like doing Evan Edinger’s makeup or building a loft bed with Daniel J Layton. Then, there’s slightly more serious videos, like her video about being in a manipulative relationship, or when she talked about her struggle with anxiety, depression, and depersonalization. Dodie isn’t afraid to show any aspect of her personality on this channel, and it often has a really personal and intimate vibe. Earlier this year, she came out as bisexual, and has since been very open about her sexuality.

Dodie has a very authentic personality and relationship with her audience. These days, in an online community such as YouTube, it’s not always easy to find people who are genuine with their audience. A growing number of creators are thriving on drama, clickbait, and fake personas, simply because that is the type of content that gets views.

Dodie is not afraid of keeping things real. She constantly shares her life with her her audience, whether it be through her music, vlogs, or on social media. When she’s happy about something, you can tell her reaction is genuine, and her excitement is contagious! If she’s sad, she shares some of her feelings, and tries to help her viewers who may feel the same way. When something is on her mind, she shares her opinion. This rare authenticity allows for a truly special connection between Dodie and her audience. Not to mention, she has a really outgoing and candid personality, which makes her videos constantly entertaining and fun to watch.

In case you need any more convincing to check out Dodie’s content, are are just 5 of her must-watch videos. We’ve tried to pick a good mix of the different kinds of videos that Dodie makes.

1. She

One of Dodie’s most well-known original songs is this simple yet heartbreaking tune, called She. With the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar, Dodie sings about the struggle of being a girl who’s in love with another girl, who doesn’t feel the same way. It was one of the first times Dodie spoke online about her attraction to girls. The song is a fan favourite, because the lyrics speak of a situation many people can unfortunately relate to. Dodie’s soft voice suits the song perfectly, and the emotion in her words is clear and raw.

2. Into You- Ariana Grande Cover

In this upbeat cover, Dodie takes a popular song and gives it her own personal touch. She filmed herself various times, for each different harmony, and edited them together seamlessly! She plays the baritone ukulele and a shaker for the background music. Her soft tone of voice brings something new, instead of the belting in the original song.

3. How to Make Me Tea

In case you didn’t know already, Dodie really likes tea. In this vlog, Dodie informs us how to make her the perfect cup of tea, in case we are ever in that situation! She discusses her mug preferences, by type of tea she likes, and her insistence of leaving the teabag in! If in doubt, remember what Dodie said: “I like my tea so strong it can drink me”.

4. My Insecurities

In another one of Dodie’s vlogs, she discusses the insecurities she has about her body. She practically goes from head to toe, listing things she doesn’t like about herself. Then, she turns it around. For each body part she hated, she explains a reason why she actually loves it. Dodie spread an important message about body confidence and loving yourself for who you are.

5. Human ft. Jon Cozart

This is another one of Dodie’s original songs, performed with her good friend and fellow musician Jon Cozart. The lyrics of the song are absolutely beautiful. They speak of simply wanting to be with someone and connect with them, to know all of the things that make them human. Dodie and Jon’s voices blend together perfectly- almost reminiscent of the band Oh Wonder!

Be sure to subscribe to Dodie’s music channel and vlog channel. You can also follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Thank you Dodie Clark, for gifting our ears with your lovely musical talent, and for always being so genuine and open with your viewers.

YouTuber of the Week: Dodie Clark (Doddleoddle) 3

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.