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4th Impact Drops First Official Original Single “K(NO)W MORE”

We’re shouting out loud right now because today 4th Impact has dropped their first original song, titled “K(NO)W MORE”. It has a “Bang Bang” style concept to the song, that’s fierce, strong, and truly unforgettable – much like their audition for The X Factor. This single release follows up the many covers that they’ve dropped on YouTube and their previous single “Take My Breath Away“.

4th Impact are best known for being contestants on the shows Superstar K6 and The X Factor. In the former, they were on the sixth season, and they came in at eighth place. As for the latter, they competed in the tenth series and finished in fifth place; their audition tape, though, is The X Factor UK‘s most viewed video on their YouTube Channel with over 100 million views. The group consists of sisters Almira Cercado, Irene Cercado, Mylene Cercado, and Celina Cercado. They’ve been working hard on their career the last couple of years, dropping the awesome positive debut single “Unleash The Diva“, following that up with the ballad “It’s Not The Same Anymore“, before working with Tony Valor on the tracks “D’ Nah Nah (Shaky Bum Bum)” and “Take My Breath Away“. They’ve frequently dropped covers on their YouTube channel, with our favourites being Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Pentatonix’s version of John Lennon’s “Imagine”, and Selena Gomez’s “Lose You To Love Me”. Now, it looks like 4th Impact are independent artists – finally – recording and releasing the original music they want when they want, and if “K(NO)W MORE” is anything to go by, their fans (known as dreamers) are in for some real treats!

According to Spotify this has been written by Patricia Marie A. Manalo and Ramil “Ramiru” Villacorte Mataro. The song marks their first-ever original independent solo release, and it’s clear that this was the best thing for them to do as they now have creative control and finally give the dreamers what they want – original 4th Impact music!

The song starts off as a ballad with piano notes and soft vocals from the girls showing off their range and emotional capabilities. After the first verse, the song switches to an upbeat tempo, displaying versatility and harmonies – especially in the chorus, which will certainly get stuck in your head all day. 4th Impact continues to impress with notes we didn’t think their voices could hit and with lyrical integrity, it’s clear that they’ve connected with this song wholeheartedly and they mean every single word. The lyrics talk of a love that’s been ripped away with the girls deciding they don’t need that person anymore, which is kind of metaphorical considering they’re now independent artists (although the chorus is a double negative “I don’t need you no more”, but we love it regardless).

The best part of the song comes towards the end… Who remembers watching their audition on The X Factor and all of our reactions when they launched into Nicki Minaj’s rap from “Bang Bang”… Well, the 4th Impact girls are back rapping and we are living for it in every single way – you go, girls!

Stream 4th Impact’s New Single “K(NO)W MORE” Here:

“K(NO)W MORE” is available to download and stream right now, it looks like the next few years of 4th Impact is going to be amazing, and we’re so ready!

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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